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Pixel Survivor 3 Diamond pick how to get

2018-04-06 17:36:23

The game has been accompanying our growth, there is a small series to teach you how to play the game, I hope you can have a good game experience ~





Open the backpack, select the "box" button on the screen, you can summon.


Select the tool at the bottom of the left and you will see a variety of axe and pickaxe tools, the first two being the newly updated diamond axe and diamond pickaxe.


Both the diamond axe and the diamond pickaxe require 55 diamonds to buy, and its power is 3 points. Then the diamond pickaxe is not good, small make a comparison, the strength of the silver pickaxe is 5 points, the strength of the steel pickaxe is 4 points, the diamond pickaxe is 3 points, and the copper pickaxe is 2 points.


It can therefore be concluded that the diamond pickaxe has a higher digging ability than the copper pickaxe, but a lower digging ability than the silver pickaxe. Xiao Bian also did a field test, silver pickaxe to dig coal only needs 2, iron pickaxe to dig iron ore needs 3, diamond pickaxe to dig coal needs 4, copper pickaxe to dig coal needs 5.


So overall, the cost of the diamond pickaxe is still good, can once and for all to solve the problem of our making tools, you can use the diamond pickaxe to dig stone, coal, copper, iron, silver, etc., and then make a gold pickaxe to dig gold or better ore, which reduces the use of our basic materials and the use of backpacks.

Matters needing attention

Although the game is good, don't indulge