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Planting time and method of Rehmannia rehmannia

2018-04-23 16:00:59

Rehmannia Rehmannia is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine and a common herbal flower. The following is the planting time and method of Rehmannia:


1. Buy rehmannia seeds or seedlings, which can be purchased at the flower market or seedling.


2. Location: Rehmannia is suitable for growing in sunny, well-ventilated, well-drained, loose and fertile soil.


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3. Time: The best time to plant rehmannia is spring and autumn.


4. Soil treatment: After selecting the planting site, the soil needs to be treated. Appropriate amount of decomposed compost and nutrient compound can be added to the soil to improve the soil quality.


5. Sowing and planting: Rehmannia seeds or seedlings are transplanted into the soil and gently compacted with soil to keep moist. It can also be grown in potted plants and placed in a sunny area.


6. Reason: Rehmannia needs to keep the soil moist during its growth, but overwatering should be avoided. Fertilizer should be applied regularly according to growth conditions and seasonal needs. At the same time, attention should be paid to the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests to maintain the health of Rehmannia. END

Matters needing attention

In short, planting Rehmannia requires attention to site selection, soil treatment, sowing methods and other details. Through reasonable planting skills and maintenance, in a suitable environment, can cultivate healthy, high quality Rehmannia.