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2018-03-05 00:00:00

Is a beautiful but unique a minority, where the day is particularly special blue, water is particularly special clear, before I have always thought that there is no more mountain show place than home, the original you are hidden here, spring and autumn Airlines to the ticket is particularly cheap, I think I make a big, stay in the beautiful mood, all the way forward.


Weizhou Island was the first place I visited, and I was very happy to find that the ships arriving there had changed guns and guns. I had heard people say that the ships here were relatively small, but now they are much taller and more comfortable, and you can also go up to the second deck to watch the sea breeze. During the period, I saw a speedboat roaring past with wind and waves, and the moment I got off the boat and saw the coastline, Still very amazing, so pure blue in the thousands of miles forced the sky, blue deep shallow layers, is not inferior to many well-known sea areas abroad. The small more master to pick me up is very good, because there are two guests with the inn, even my car money is free, 20 minutes winding in the banana forest (on the island rice banana 1 yuan can buy a large), the mood is bright. For people who love to eat seafood, it is no less than heaven, shrimp and crabs are amazing, the meat is full, grouper 40 pieces a catty, scallops 1 yuan a day, there is a sense of satisfaction to eat seafood buffet with pride. The beach is not sand, are unique coral rocks, this is really a blessed island, beautiful.


The most beautiful place in the crocodile mountain scenic spot is Weizhou Island, which has been introduced to you before, but the most beautiful place in Weizhou Island is Crocodile Mountain Park. The water is very clear and clean, especially on sunny days, and the water can be divided into several colors from near to far, which is not inferior to the New Zealand sea. This is also the only place on the island to check tickets, remember to bring the tickets you bought on the island. There are many stairs in the park, walk slowly, take pictures while walking, in fact, it is not very tired. Many students sketched in it. Crocodile Mountain park is also the place where the least islanders of Weizhou Island, can not see the brutal snobbish islanders, suddenly happy.


Silver Beach Tourism Resort is one of the most beautiful and thinnest beaches in China. The last stop is the Silver beach, because I went to Weizhou Island the day before, I feel that the water is also general, but the beach really shook me. The sand is so fine that it feels like a waste and a crime not to go barefoot. The sea is rougher. I like it. The beach is rare clean, even the shells are very few, the wave calls, leaving a small hole, should be the home of small crabs. Pinch a handful of sand rub, really good fine, barefoot walking, water is warm, comfortable what like. It has a real estate promotion, telling those who do look at the RV once out and back in is a $10 ticket, lie! Silver Beach no tickets No tickets, important things to say three times.