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2018-03-12 06:24:16

The Yellow River passes through the Golden city, as if the yellow handkerchief of happiness calls to you. The reason is that more than two thousand years ago, here was one of the fourth of the Yellow River, the Tang monks, the Han generals who went to the west, and the Shang men who went to the east, all crossed the river from here in sheepskin. So there was the golden city by the mountains and by the water, the present.


[Food] Beef ramen, the first push beef noodles, the most famous two brands: 1, Ma Zi Lu beef noodles: there are two. One is in Dazhong Lane, near City God Temple, business hours: 7:00 -- 15:00; The other is near Red Square. 2, Golden Ding beef noodles: in the points more, recommend: a near the door, hand grasp mutton, Huangmeng mutton: 1, Tangwang hand grasp restaurant: there is a small, Xiguan Shi word has a 2, Yi mutton restaurant: two are good, which is convenient to go to which. I suggest noon. Last time I went to eat more than five o 'clock in the afternoon, the result was told that the lamb was sold out. Three, Fengyun old fried sauce noodles: the middle of the road


[Play tips] Eat noodles must eat so eat language in the Northwest dialect of Mandarin components, so in the general tourist city do not have to worry about the language, as for the more remote areas may have individual words do not understand, but not unable to communicate. The climate is typical inland climate, dry less rain and snow, sufficient, large daily temperature difference. The city is built in the Yellow River Valley with mountains and water. There is no heat in summer and no cold in winter. The annual average temperature is 10℃. The weather conditions throughout the year are ideal for tourists compared to other provinces. Of course, the necessary sun protection measures should be paid attention to. Travel winter pay attention to keep out the cold, summer and autumn with sweaters, in fact, the winter daytime temperature here is significantly higher than the northern region. Sanbao rhymes: auspicious gourd beef noodles, sheepskin raft warship race, have time to experience.