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Pokemon sword shield fist pass city guide

2018-04-02 01:36:07

Next to cross the wilderness to Quanguan City before the first three owners came to see you off, the reason is because there are too few people to get three badges, which is too real...


One Nintendo Switch console


Pokemon sword and shield genuine cassette


The level of wild Pokemon in the wilderness area has been greatly improved, so you can indulge in it for a while


However, when the protagonist and Hopper are ready to go, Peter's mouth stinks again, Hopper actually and Peter each other's mouth stinks, it is rare, worthy of the sword and shield plot


Out of the machine engine city, according to the map to the upper right, through the wilderness to the city of Quanguan, found that Hopp did not follow, Peter beat him up, Hopp depressed


Into the city to see tool people Peter in reporting results, the protagonist into the boxing close arena and the president chat, the president continues to show wife strict attributes


The protagonist then follows the direction of the President to the treasure vault on the left of the arena, and communicates with Sonya about the legend of the Galar region


Quanguan City Dojo is the eighth badge, currently can not be challenged, so the protagonist must first pass through the 6th road to the town


After seven badges, this is the last stop

Matters needing attention

This game is a legitimate Nintendo Switch game, requiring console and game cassette support