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Poor face temperament makeup skills

2018-04-11 11:12:57

Poor complexion. Usually due to poor blood circulation, the overall complexion appears dull. Foundation can not cover all the flaws on the skin, to choose a moderate cover power, feel natural foundation. Just the right thin layer will cover up the blemishes moderately. Step 1, use moisturizing makeup base with moisturizing effect of makeup base, can enhance the moisturizing effect, improve the dark skin color problem. Step 2: Massage the acupoints to lighten the skin tone from the inside of the face to the outside, gently massage with the finger belly in a circular motion, and gently press the acupoints under the temples, ears, eyes and cheekbones to lighten the skin tone. ep 3, evenly apply pink conditioning solution Choose a good malleable pink conditioning solution, thinly apply a layer. Can improve bad skin tone. Step 4, yellow conditioning liquid to cover black eye circles caused by pigmentation, to apply yellow skin tone conditioning liquid. Gently pat. Erase the boundary between the toner and the surrounding skin.