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premiere gradient erase transition effect how to make

2018-03-20 14:24:57

premiere gradient erase transition effect, this effect in premiere is actually very simple to use!


Premiere version: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6


Computer system: win10 Professional 64-bit operating system

Operation method of Premiere software:

To do the effect, be sure to know the location of this "Gradient Erase transition" function: Effects - Video switch - Erase - Gradient Erase transition.


Then import the material into the material library (pictures or videos can be).


After importing the material into the timeline, place them end to end and scale the timeline according to the actual situation to achieve the best display proportion.


The next step is to add the key gradient erase transition effect. Drag the Gradient Erase Transition effect between two adjacent pieces of footage.


In the upper left corner of the software, you can find the effects console and see that many parameters of this function can be adjusted.


We can set the parameters are: transition time, alignment, the actual source of the image, the effect inversion, preview in the video preview area, so that the production of the gradual erase transition effect is completed.

Method summary:

1. Import of materials; 2, material import timeline to adjust the size; 3, the addition of special effects; 4. Change special effects parameters and preview effects.

Matters needing attention

tips: Not win7 system or win10 system, the software operation steps are the same. The location of the command varies slightly with the software version.