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Preschool education practice sharing

2018-02-19 04:48:00

Internship is a big deal about getting a diploma!!! The length of the internship varies from one to two months to a year and a half. The internship unit is not selected well, short-term is good, long-term difficult! I intern for half a year, coordinate private kindergarten, monthly salary 2200, package food and housing (salary a bitter tears). Due to the renovation of the kindergarten, it took half a month to clean the kindergarten, and the whole thing was like a porter and a cleaner! Move the table and chair cabinet bed, wash the table and chair cabinet bed, dry the table and chair cabinet bed every day. Repeat sweeping, mopping, and washing the stairs several times a day! That was half a month of hell, no weekends! How did I survive, you ask? For the internship, of course, for the diploma! So really! Look for internship must be good eyes!!!


Methods of collecting the list of quality kindergartens: 1. Trainee kindergartens for each semester (as far as possible to retain the method) 2. Teachers praise the kindergarten


1. The salary can basically guarantee the daily life of the internship 2. It is best to cover food and accommodation (it is safer to cover food and accommodation in the kindergarten outside the internship) 3. It is recommended that the internship inspect the food and accommodation environment (the food is not good, the accommodation environment is too bad really affect the internship mood!)


Teacher internship is practice and learning. In a kindergarten with strong teachers, you can learn more and have more opportunities!


Suggestion: 1. Try not to find a refurbished garden or a new garden. Because you may be at risk of becoming a cleaner! Ha ha ha ha! Of course, the new garden is more challenging and opportunities, the new garden opened, need to carry out a variety of construction, you can learn more! Of course, if you just want to muddle through the internship, then don't choose a new campus, because environment creation can destroy you! 2. About the internship unit, ask more classmates, senior sisters and teachers, after all, knowing more is more beneficial to you! 3. Try not to go to the kindergarten with poor food, poor accommodation and more remote! 4. Ask about overtime! Although overtime is inevitable, it is necessary to avoid unfair overtime (some kindergartens let interns work overtime every day to do materials and engage in circular innovation)! 5. Get along with your teachers!