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Prevention of chilblains

2018-04-26 11:12:17

Many people will grow frostbite in winter, in fact, as long as the early protection, it will not grow frostbite, I also experienced the suffering of frostbite before, and then pay attention to the protection, it will not. So how do you protect yourself? A few simple steps can keep you from suffering.


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Second, dry: take a bath every night, immediately dry your feet with a blower, or wipe them with a cloth


Third, keep warm: after blowing dry, put on the kind of fleecy home shoes, preferably the kind of elderly, even the heels are wrapped


Fourth, when both hands are washing clothes and washing dishes, put on the kind of fleecy gloves (a few dollars cheap, ten or twenty dollars expensive).


Fifth, usually nothing also bring warm gloves, so that you will not get frostbite.

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