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Princess Connect Arena r How to team up

2018-04-09 06:25:00

In Princess Connection r, there is a rare arena in Japanese mobile games, so how should players play in the arena and how to team up? Let's take a look.


People who give part of the card to the magic, what card 1 month grade, remind themselves that the biggest significance of the card 4-6 is that you can take a step faster than others and have a run-up speed before starting to run, rather than letting you run the whole way before starting to run.


1V1JJC and 3V3 Princess Arena have a fundamental difference, 1V1 players mostly assembled their own most violent lineup, resulting in characters such as Wolf Sister, Chicken Tower (low blood high attack) can not be effectively used in 1V1JJC, but can play in Princess Arena.


Double tank lineup: Many of the lineup that did not consider PVP players generally have at the beginning is very practical and can impact the new district ranking


The lineup is the most civilian, not to R7 first 2 legal system output can be changed to physical output, if there is no then I have no way!


Matters needing attention

Although the game is good, don't indulge.