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Programming software easy language

2018-05-10 03:12:42

Many friends who want to learn programming but do not understand English can learn easy language, easy language is a software that uses Chinese as program code to write programs, let's teach you to understand easy language.


Easy language (can go to the latest version of the official, can also crack the version)


After you open easy language, you will see the following picture content, these programs are selected based on the nature of the program you have written.


Let's start with the Wiondows window program, which is literally where the landing page belongs.


In a look at the Windows console program, there is no window interface after opening, because the console program is an easy program for Windows 32-bit windowless interface. Under normal circumstances are used for servers, etc., for you beginners only need to know a little about it


The next you only need to understand it, the Windows dynamic link library he can generate DLL procedures.


Windows easy language module he referred to as easy module, it is a program module after preliminary compilation, for other programs repeatedly called.

Matters needing attention

I hope you can learn easy language