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Project title evaluation steps

2018-03-18 17:36:13

Steps of professional title evaluation


Job title, years of work


Engineering personnel working to a certain number of years can be assessed titles open the official website of the Municipal Human resources and Social Security Bureau, special column - professional and technical personnel service column


Click to enter, there is a title declaration, click to enter


Enter for the first time to register, register well to log in, no you are intermediate or primary, the first declaration, must have continuing education learning, primary learning can be, intermediate to repair (continuing education in the title declaration under the entrance, open you can see, no longer add pictures)


These are the work you have done in advance before the declaration, after learning well, continue to fill in the information, click agree


Fill in your information


Add all kinds of documents needed inside, graduation certificate, degree certificate, ID card, photo, this year requires a small two-inch blue headless photo, each step filled in, remember to save, and then the next step, all completed after submission, waiting for review


Intermediate title review will be a lot of trouble, some small partners because the material is not ready, was hit back many times, hope good luck ha