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Public number suction method

2018-04-30 22:24:40

With the upgrading of some social software, the public number has also become a platform for some people to express their thoughts or express some of their views. How can we make more people pay attention to our own public number? Today we will take a look at the public number suction method?


Publicity should be done, first of all, we can tell our public number to friends, let them pay attention first, or they can also recommend to their friends, so that some people pay attention first, expand the influence of our public number.


We can use the post bar, circle of friends and so on to help our public number for publicity, although it may not be concerned, but this will let more people know that the attention is not concerned only in a thought, and sometimes even if I do not need, but maybe the people around her need this public number.


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The content is targeted, the content released in the public number should not only rely on their own imagination every time, you can give yourself a direction, and then develop in this direction, so as to attract people with these needs to pay attention to the public number.


Launch some activities, in addition to updating the content, you can launch some small activities, which is very conducive to the development of new fans, you can not often launch activities, such as holidays or for their own public number for some special days, you can launch some carefully prepared activities.


Actively engage in interaction. Interaction with fans is also very important, in the interaction process, such as replying to messages, you can try to be interesting and intimate, which is not only a way to retain fans, but also to guide these fans to help us promote yo.

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