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Public number typesetting actual tutorial 02

2018-03-15 19:12:31

Today, Mickey continues to explain the layout of the public number, the public platform often needs to publish some graphic messages, how to use a simple editing system to push the content of the layout, is a lot of you must face the problem.


Public account



How do I style my text

Do you set the font size? If the default font is used, the size should be fixed, many people may scold not support text style Settings, but this is the case before, now the editor has been updated, with the font size Settings, so we can directly modify in the public number editor. Of course, you can also use the following methods (if you don't bother, I do not recommend).


▶ If you know html, the text can be like this (as below) : It is not difficult to copy the text from the web page, and there may be a lot of people who can't understand the size of the text in html, it doesn't matter, there is no deep code.


JUST FOLLOW ME! STEP 1: Enter "FONT" (PS: font is the font) in the search box. STEP 2: Enter the w3schoo webpage from the first search link point. STEP 3: Click "Try it yourself" in the webpage to enter the html online test webpage provided by w3schoo. Modify the value behind font size to "1", "2", "3", etc., and then click Submit code, you can see the effect on the right. Copy the text on the right to get the font size you want.

Can you set text effects?

In the text can be set bold, italic, underline and other effects, you can also set the color of the text and the background color, the operation is also very convenient.

Are you good at text burger effects?

Text burger effect refers to various effects that are superimposed using text. (as shown below)


The first example is simple, just set different colors for individual text or local area text, "blue square vs. red square." The second example mainly exercises thinking and imagination, using words and lines can combine a variety of effects, "== example ==", "~~~ example ~~~~". The third example uses a combination of text and punctuation to create a variety of effects, "{recommended}", "special attention". The fourth example is similar to the first example, except that the filling color is the same color scheme, and the brightness is somewhat changed, creating a false gradient in color.


The above examples are relatively simple, if you want to use the special symbols in the input method, then you can also design the following effects (as shown below)


There are many special symbols in the input method, you can play the imagination to create magical effects!