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Quickly pass the graduation thesis design and complete the defense of the course

2018-03-19 14:24:43

Under the premise that you do not fail, the graduation thesis is the last threshold of the university, as long as the past, you can get the graduation certificate and degree certificate, you can easily graduate. But many students in order to take the postgraduate entrance examination, there is no time to write a paper, making themselves very embarrassed when the paper should be handed in. Some students are very relaxed in college, just to mix diplomas, the paper can not be completed in time. As an experienced person, and have helped many people write papers, have been successful, let me tell you how to quickly complete and pass the graduation thesis design and pass the defense.


To write a paper, you first have to choose a topic, and then your advisor or your school will ask you to choose a topic. When choosing the topic, it determines whether your paper is good to write and can be successfully completed. First of all, you should choose a popular topic, a relatively ordinary topic, and a common topic. For example, choose the following essay topic.


How to judge whether a topic is common, good to write, you can take this topic to know the network search, to see how many repeated topics? More words, it is easy to write, because there are more references, less words, try not to choose, not to write. For example, choose the third of the following questions.


Choose a good topic, write a step is to collect information to write, undergraduate thesis in fact, you search for a master's thesis, select a part of it, rewrite it, because the undergraduate thesis is only collected in the school, not published, and then a few months to write the thesis, you can not research what.


When you choose a paper that is similar to your topic, you first shorten the abstract of it, rewrite it into your own paper, and then take a few chapters in the middle of it and piece it together.


The paper that you put together must have a very high repetition rate, and then you have to change the repetition rate, and the repetition rate has a lot of software that you can use. For reference, you can use papertime to check the weight, and after checking the weight, you can directly reduce the weight of the robot, or you can use the official website to check the exchange code of the number of words, and you can search for one word and redeem thousands of words.


After the weight reduction, the most important thing is the layout, the layout of the paper is very important, that is, to change the size of the font, line spacing, paragraphs, headers and footers, etc., this should be consistent with the requirements of the school, so that your paper will be perfect.

Matters needing attention

No matter how bad the paper is written, the layout must be arranged according to the requirements.