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Rapid registration system for visitors

2018-04-07 22:24:01

Recently, the reporter visited 15 new and old communities in the main urban area of the city, and found that the main security problems are focused on burglary and non-motor vehicle theft such as electric vehicles and motorcycles. The problem is more prominent in the community have several common characteristics, first, the flow of people in and out of the community is relatively weak, some of the newer community although set up access control card system, but not strictly implemented, often present a person swipe card, a group of people influx. There is also the floating population registration is not strict, thieves live in the community "nest to steal". However, strengthening the registration of visitors' information may lead to the workload of the doorman and some complaints about the queue of outsiders. Using the Bonarth Visitor registration system can register you efficiently and accurately. On the other hand, according to the statistics of relevant departments, there are currently about 4 million floating population. These people who come from other areas to live, work and study have become an important part of the city. Renting is the most common way of living and integrating into the local area among the floating population groups. The information of the tenant is relatively lagging behind, and some tenants have also become potential security concerns within the community.


BNS visitor Rapid registration system




Entry of outsiders


Show your ID card, social security card, driver's license and other valid documents


The guard scans and reads the card through the visitor Express registration system


Through after completion