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Recommended picture book for English enlightenment

2018-03-21 04:48:08

Generally, parents will choose cartoons, children's songs and picture books for children's English enlightenment. Below, I recommend 5 picture books suitable for children's English enlightenment, even children with zero foundation can understand and understand.


This article is based on experience


Dear Zoo has always been on the bestseller list of Amazon Zoo books. It is specially written for young babies. The design of the book is especially attractive to children, and the simple plot and vivid animal images make it easy for children to understand even if they do not know English.


Pat the Bunny has a lot of creative interactive ways in this book, which belongs to the standard of touch books. It stimulates children's senses and stimulates children's interest in learning through vision, smell, touch and other aspects. Parents just need to guide them on the side.


Where is Baby’s Belly Button? This book is very close to the daily life of the baby, not only the picture is cute, and the design of the board book is not easy to damage, which is suitable for young children to learn the body parts, parents can read and play the body parts game with the baby through this simple picture book.


Most parents prefer The works of Grandpa Carl, the book color and composition are Very novel, the design of the hole book also let children involuntarily touch, and there are a lot of interactive games about the Caterpillar, children are more like.