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Recommended reading list for fourth grade

2018-03-17 20:48:25

The curriculum standard requires that the extracurricular reading volume of the third to fourth grade is not less than 400,000 words, and according to some bibliographic recommendations and actual reading experience, the whole reading volume is for everyone's reference.


Literature: Around the World in 80 Days, Idiom stories, Old events in the South of the city, Silver Thimble Summer, sending little readers, little hero Rain, Emile, the Wizard of Oz, Little Peas at the window, Polar Express, Cabin on the Prairie, Badger's Gift, Charlie and the Chocolate Worker, Saga's Super Grandma, I'm an Idiot, Flying Angel Street


Science: Fun Science Museum, Wonderful Kingdom of Numbers, Insect Book, 77 classic science games that fascinate children in Chinese geography, What is What, Wonderful Nature Series, Little Newton Science Museum. 101 Amazing Experiments


Philosophy: Philosophy Bird Fei Luo Series, The Charm of Thinking, "Children's Philosophy Wisdom Book (Series 1)"


History and Geography: "Sister Wu Speaks History" "Chinese Geography for Children"