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Red VIP hair loss how to do

2018-03-30 06:24:46

Some pet parents reflect that his red VIP is 1 year old and 4 months old, do not understand why the hair is getting lighter and lighter, and then it will be yellow, the nose is slightly red, take it to the vet, it is caused by a lack of nutrition, which makes him very confused, the normal feeding of dog food should not be a nutritional problem, why the VIP hair color will drop? Pet nutrition experts pointed out that with the increase of age, pigmentation will become less and less, as early as seven months began to fade, late after a year also began to fade, which is related to feeding, washing and care in many aspects, of which nutrition problems occupy the main reason.

Why feed the dog food to the VIP, there will be nutritional problems, resulting in light hair color?

Many pet parents believe that the nutrition of dog food is already very sufficient, and there is no need to supplement pet nutrition. In fact, this is a wrong way of understanding: END

First of all, like all commodities, dog food is also divided into three sixty nine, the same is a penny of goods.

If you choose the low-grade dog food on the market, you will have to supplement pet nutrition for the VIP. END

In addition, the nutritional composition of dog food varies, and not all dog food is for the nutritional configuration of dog fur

It is necessary to use pet nutrition as a supplement to the dog's nutrition source.


If you feed the same brand of dog food for a long time, the poodle's hair will fade, dull, or the hair is always thin, it is necessary to choose pet nutrition products, such as natural astatin and seaweed powder, which are more common on the market for poodle hair pets.



Natural astaxanthin is a natural red pigment that is especially suitable for poodle teddy dogs older than 6 months.


Pet parents in the daily feeding of the dog food, add a proper amount of natural astacanthin, can increase the dog's own hair pigmentation, help the dog grow hair, play the effect of hair enhancement, gradually improve the VIP hair color problem, of course, with seaweed powder feeding, can deepen the nose pigmentation.