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Remove odors, Fan's plant odor removal spray has a trick

2018-05-11 17:36:13

In life, we often find all kinds of odors around us. Refrigerator smell, kitchen smell, clothes smell, bathroom smell, shoe cabinet smell, even car smell, or embarrassing beriberi, breath, body odor all affect our quality of life. How to quickly remove odor has become a problem that everyone wants to solve, now let's share some of the next tips on removing odor




The refrigerator will have an odor after a long time, you can use fresh orange peel, wash it and put it in the refrigerator, or put 50 grams of baking soda into two open bottles and put it into the upper and lower two boxes of the refrigerator, which has a deodorizing effect.


Second, clever removal of kitchen odor Cooking in the kitchen, often residual odor, can put a little vinegar in the pot to heat evaporation, the kitchen odor will be reduced. Another idea is to put leftover lemon or orange peels and other fragrant peels in a small box in the kitchen.


In addition to the humidity of the room, the suitcase in the room, the closet, the drawer often gives off a musty smell, then you can put a piece of soap inside, the musty smell can be removed, you can also put the dried tea residue into the gauze bag, distributed everywhere, not only can remove the musty smell, but also give off a hint of fragrance.


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Five, the shoe cabinet odor too many shoes, wear a long time did not emit the taste is still unacceptable, to the old stockings stuffed with tea or coffee grounds, made of deodorization package, stuffed into the shoes or placed in the corner of the shoe cabinet, so as to eliminate the mold and odor in the shoe cabinet


Six, in addition to the car odor play a small bucket, add some vinegar, put in the car, try a few times, the odor will gradually disappear. This is because water can absorb formaldehyde, and vinegar can play a role in stabilizing formaldehyde. Or, chop a few slices of onion, put them in a birdbath, stir them, and also put them in the car.

Matters needing attention

Remind everyone, remember to plant some green plants at home, flowers and plants at home to raise some green plants can not only create a good environment, improve the mood, but also absorb odor and pollutants in the air.