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Removing blackheads is more effective

2018-04-22 22:24:19

What is a more effective and natural way to remove blackheads?


This information comes from experience

Method/Step 2

Apply the usual makeup remover to the area with blackheads and massage it in a circular motion. After a short massage, cover the nose with a piece of plastic wrap and leave two holes in the nostrils to breathe. Then use a hair dryer to warm the nose for 30 seconds, then tear off the plastic wrap, massage in a circular motion, or use an acne stick to gently shave, and finally clean it again with a facial cleanser.

Method/Step 3

Prepare black tea and brown sugar according to the amount you need, pour them into the pot according to the ratio of 1:1, and then add the right amount of boiling, after the water temperature is hot, add a small amount of flour to blend, mix into a paste, and then smear it on the face, wipe it off with a towel after 15 minutes, if necessary, you can also wash your nose. The skin will become very moist, but also has a certain whitening effect.

Method/Step 4

Choose a cleansing mask that suits you. For a deep cleansing effect, let the blackheads surface after using the mask according to the instructions. Then wash them with a cleansing tool or gently scrape them off with an acne stick. Finally, clean them thoroughly with a cleanser.

Method/Step 5

Oatmeal blackhead Removal Mask Oatmeal is rich in a saponin called a natural detergent, which can remove dirt and oil from pores, so as to achieve the effect of removing blackheads. After crushing the oats, add some honey and water, mix it well, then apply to the face, 20-30 minutes, when the mixture is hard, then use warm water to wash it off.

Method/Step 6

Milk Blackhead Removal Mask Milk not only helps remove dry, dead skin cells, but also removes dirt particles from pores. Apply a towel to your face, and after 10 minutes, gently rub your face, and the dead skin cells will easily come off. Then wash your face with warm water and apply a layer of moisturizer.