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Ruili self-help tour guide

2018-02-23 08:00:00

Ruili is an important channel of the ancient southern Silk Road, and is a transfer station and distribution center for trade between China and Myanmar. Ruili City is located in the west of the province and belongs to the Dai Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture. The land distance from the state capital of Manshi 99km, 890km from the provincial capital, is the end of the 320 National highway, is the intersection of Kunrui Road and Stilwell Road. Its northwest, southwest and southeast sides are connected with Myanmar's mountains and rivers, and the villages are dependent on each other. Now has jurisdiction over the border trade zone, Wangding Economic Development Zone 2 area, Mengmao town, Wangding town, Landao town three towns, and sister Xiangxiang Township, household township, Mengxiu township three townships


One village, two countries


Port of complaint


Maury Rainforest scenic spot


A single tree grows into a forest


Yizhai two countries from Ruili city about 10 kilometers, located in the famous China-Myanmar border 71 boundary monument. The border divides a Dai village in two, with one side called Yinjing and the Burmese side called Mengxiu. There are a village of two countries water well, a village of two countries swing and other scenic spots. "One swing, Two Countries" swing is located beside the border, opposite the Myanmar side of the village of Mong Xiu, sit on the gently swing, you can instantly "go abroad". There is no natural barrier to the border, so it is not uncommon for Chinese melon vines to climb on bamboo hedges in Myanmar to form melons, and for Burmese hens to go to Chinese homes to lay eggs. The people of the two countries in the stockade speak the same language and have the same customs. They walk the same road, drink the same water from the same well, and go to the same gathering. They live in harmony with each other. Traffic advice to drive, drive route: 1. City -- Ruyi Lane -- People's Middle Road -- Second Ring Road ———— National Highway 56/ Kunan Expressway/Hangrui Expressway -- County Road M44 -- National Highway 320 -- People's Road -- Provincial Road 234 -- Yizhai two countries 2, Street -- Zhengyi Road -- Second Ring Road West -- Direction -- National Highway 56/ Kunan Expressway/Hangrui Expressway -- County Road 56 -- M 44 - Ruili/Wanding direction - National Highway 320 - A lone tree into the forest 3, if you drive from Mangshi urban area, along 320 National highway into Mangshi to the direction of the sister, the whole process only takes less than two hours


As a national-level border trade port, Jiechao Port is one of the busiest land routes for China's trade with Myanmar. Opposite the gate is the town of Mujie, Myanmar. The port is divided into three buildings, built according to the border, with the main entrance in the middle, the cargo passage on the right and the personnel passage on the left. There is duty free next to the main entrance, and travelers can purchase imported goods according to regulations. 1, Ruili City can be chartered to, the cost of 300-500 yuan, including sister, tree forest, Mori rainforest and other attractions 2, take 3 bus to 3, Ruili street there are a lot of taxi to sister, taxi 20 yuan or so, carpool 5 yuan/person


Moli tropical rain forest scenic spot is located in Lui, Ruili City transition area Ruili City side, Ruiwan north 5 kilometers, is a high negative oxygen ions of natural forest oxygen bar. Mori is also known as "Zaduo", according to legend, the Buddha once bathed in the next fast here, and later left a huge footprint, in order to commemorate the Buddha's presence, descendants use the Indo-Pali language "Zaduo" to call here. With the combination of native tropical gully rainforest vegetation and waterfalls as the main landscape, the ancient trees stand tall and towering, the dense forest covers the sky and the sun, and more than 1,500 kinds of wild plants, flowers and spices 479 kinds, known as the fairyland on earth. Three sides of the terrain surrounded by mountains inside a piece of nearly 10 acres of flat, walk dozens of meters from the gate, will see a pool of hot spring, water filled with feet, crystal clear, rumors that this is the wild elephant for the Buddha built the bath. Transportation charter: from Ruili City charter, about 50 yuan one way, then you can negotiate the price of bus: it is not recommended to take the bus, because from Ruili city to take a bus at the Wanrui big side fork, the fare is about 5.5 yuan, and then walk 5-6 kilometers


This tree is located next to Mang Ling village, far from the left side of the road is a green forest, and you carefully study, you can find that this forest is actually just a banyan tree, it just into Ruili City 320 national road side, as if it is specially standing there waiting for distant visitors, Ruili people therefore call it the welcome banyan tree. This welcome Banyan tree is not large, in the state ranks the fifth, but it is a strange tree, left and right before and after the posture is varied, so for many film and television experts favored, such as "Border village War", "Peacock Princess", "Handcuffed passenger", "Journey to the West" and other more than 10 films have been shot here, the famous movie star Wang Xiaotang played in the tree swing, Liu Xiaoqing lingered in the woods. Transportation Ruili City can be chartered to; Or take the noodles to Wanding can be reached, the fare is 10 yuan

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