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Rust Lake: Root Scene 2 How to pass the door? Where to find 3 diamonds

2018-03-29 12:48:04

Rust Lake: Root Scene 2 How to pass the door? Where to find 3 diamonds, please see the following experience.


In the beginning you can find worms and diamonds in the flower pot, this is the first diamond, this diamond is not difficult.


Next, you need to drag the stool under the farmer's feet so that the farmer can stand higher


The branch on the left side of the tree can be pulled off and put into the farmer's hand to poke the bird's nest.


When the bird's nest falls to the ground, break the egg open, and after the egg is broken, a bird will appear, and then feed the worm to him. After feeding, a second diamond will appear


The third diamond in the window as shown in the figure there is a small black circle, click this small black circle, hide in the knock a few times can take out the third diamond, there is a high-energy warning, I need to remind you, there will be a black shadow inexplicably drill out, is revealed the plot.


Finally, attach the three diamonds to the door, then open the door and enter through the door.

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