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s5 assist Kenan Talent Rune lol Assist Electric Mouse talent add graphics

2018-03-21 16:00:28

Kennan Assistant believes that many players who will read lpl know that this hero is very popular with auxiliary professional players recently. Indeed, this hero's own assistance is very good, the consumption ability of the early online cooperation adc is very strong, and the damage and control of its own skills are more powerful than the traditional assistance, but it is too brittle, and it is very good at eating operation and timing. Feather son now share with you to assist Kenan runes and talent choice, hope to help you.

Aid Kenan's runes and their associated plays

Auxiliary Kenan rune feather son recommended red 9 attack, yellow armor, blue 3 armor and 6 minus CD, big essence 3 attack, this rune is mainly to play the advantage of the line, the use of early Kenan hand long advantage to open E flat A constantly consume opponents, relative to the ap rune effect is better.


Auxiliary Kenan's skills plus the main Q minus E, Q skills with E skills can be A good match with the constant harassment of opponents, and Q skills have a long range, and do not consume anything, just rely on CD.


Auxiliary Kenan's core installation of course do not need to consider is Central Asia, 6 group war is to find time to open R to stun opponents play damage and control open Central Asia to absorb damage, we will complete the task.


Assisting Kenan's final-American partner adc, Yu 'er recommends skateboarding shoes. Drive the R in, then drive the Central Asia, and finally let your adc skate shoes drive the R to pull you out of the battlefield. It's a good match

Aid Kennan's talent and its analysis

Support Kenan's attack system talent 13 points, specific points as shown in the figure. The insight into weaknesses, is Kenan auxiliary special need to point out, this is the personal understanding of Feather son, as an auxiliary should play control anti-damage to provide additional output to teammates, is a very good choice.


Support Kenan's defense talent 17 points, specific points as shown. 2 Magic armor is a necessary attribute for Kanan Kai to absorb damage and provide high dual resistance, and hardness is to increase the armor value of their line with their runes, so that it is not easy to be consumed by the opposite adc too much health.


s5 season support Kenan Talent Points List, 13.17.0. For beginners only.

Matters needing attention

Experience guest author Yu 'er game guide copyright, only for game beginners to learn, reference, do not like to spray, see the game guide, please identify Yu 'er oh! Author and source. Children's shoes who like Yu Er can pay attention to Yu Er oh.