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Sandbox: Your place is yours!

2018-03-14 00:00:40

"Sandbox game" was originally a special term in psychology, the biggest feature is a sand a world, a box a universe, you can freely play to create imagination, each player will get the most personalized experience, recently has also been often used to describe a


Some very open games. The creative new game from BUKYPIX is just such a genre, even the name is so straightforward ———— The Sandbox.


The SandBox, developed by BukyPix in collaboration with Pixowl, is a creation game in which players can mix and generate up to 40 new elements with only the initial elements through divergent thinking. In this "sandbox" provided by the game, you are God, with God-like power, and your world is your call!



This picture uses a very retro pixel style, although there are many similar games, but it looks and feels more special. All elements of the game are measured in units, and a pixel is a unit, no matter what



Sand, water and other fluids or solid wood, iron ore, and even fire, electricity and other energy, are expressed through a very ordinary pixel, the only thing that can be distinguished is their color. Even the weather and other effects


Quite abstract, sometimes it really tests the player's divergent thinking.



The game has two kinds of story mode and free mode, story mode players will complete a series of tasks under the guidance of a white-haired old man, a total of 30 levels, in the form of "days" to express, a level is a day. Every day



There are several creation goals, all successful after the mission is achieved. The end goal of the mission is to create something new, but the form is very interesting. For example, in the beginning, we were asked to make mud and play



Homes need to throw sand into water, and the combination of the two will automatically form soil. There are also destruction missions, such as burning trees in sandboxes or flooding villages with DAMS in reservoirs. It's going to show up at a later stage


For example, some experimental tasks related to physics and chemistry of blasting are very interesting.



Free mode will open after completing the first eight levels of the story mode, if the story mode is a tutorial, then the free mode is the place where the player is really free to play, do you have a brain full of inspiration can not be released? Then play



Play Free mode. In this mode, players can use the elements in their hands, as small as a grain of sand, as large as a spaceship, as long as you are good enough to create objects. A good sandbox can be made


Upload the content to the server for other players to play or even change, you can choose to develop the sandbox better, or simply become a destroyer to destroy everything, depending on your mood.


The operation of the game is very simple, rather than playing a game, I feel more like painting. There is a toolbar at the top of the screen where all the player's creative work is done. The basic flow of the game is to choose the element and then



Just throw it where you want it. In order to facilitate the player's design, the game also provides a number of shortcut keys, such as the brush function for quickly filling and replacing elements, eraser and zoom functions are also available, but the personal feeling is small


The function of putting pixels is simply to make the pixels into larger blocks...


The introduction of controllable factors such as weather and temperature also increases the rationality and playability of the game, and the whole game follows the scientific laws of physics and chemistry in the real world. When you sow the seed, choose the sun and the seed will grow


As trees grow, raising the temperature can make the process go faster. Or you plant a sandbox full of viruses, and when you turn the temperature up to maximum, they're killed, and when the temperature is normal, the rest of the virus starts to multiply rapidly again


After a while, the picture is full of virus. At the same time, due to the addition of this element, we can use different means to achieve the same purpose, such as burning oil directly, or heating up


Make a wood fire burn.



In general, The Sandbox is a game of creation, building your own sandbox and sharing it with other players is the core gameplay of the game, and players will find unique fun in this process of creation and sharing. If you are not a graphical enthusiast, like to create and can accept this kind of interactive gameplay, don't forget to try this game.