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Sanqing Mountain travel guide

2018-03-01 17:36:00

This time to teach you Sanqing Mountain tourism strategy, come to learn the operation, I hope to help you.






Sanqingshan self-driving traffic is very convenient, can be located through navigation. From Zhejiang to Shanghai: Under the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway exit, about 1 hour drive to Sanqing Mountain. From, to come, you can take the Desu to Sanqing exit or Jingwuchang expressway to Sanqing Mountain interconnect under the expressway, enter Sanqing Mountain Ring road and walk straight to Sanqing Mountain.


Self-service transit stations are generally preferred in the county and city, and then transfer from the city bus station or Sanqingshan scenic area.


City to Sungei Service Area outside Samcheongbu (ropeway) departure time 6.30 7.30 9.30 12.30 13.30 15.00, Samcheongbu return time 9.30 10.30 12.30 15.30 16.30 17.30. City bus place: City Road lake bus station (train station taxi to bus station about 8 minutes, the fare is about 20 yuan/car).


Sanqingshan food and beverage to spicy taste heavy, like, the area may not be used to eating sweets, dishes are mainly braised stone chicken, iron plate squid, steamed eggs, steamed pork ribs, taro dumplings braised beef, iron plate perch, beef fillet, tea tree mushroom stir-fried beef, grandma's vegetable stir-fried sausage, stir-fried vegetables and so on.


Sanqingshan specialties have a lot, but most of the sales are foreign goods, not local characteristics, it is best to bring some affordable specialties, do not buy high-priced antiques, playing stones, medicinal materials and the like, in case of being fooled, you can buy tea, snacks and so on.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to travel safety