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Seaside road trip in search of cool places

2018-02-18 01:36:00

In summer, when the weather is hot, finding a cool place is of course the first choice. Let's find a cool place by the sea.


Zhaopo is the only 4A level seaside scenic spot in the region, in addition to the white sand beach, the blue sea, but also has the only beach sea park in China. In the summer, invite family and friends to try wonderful projects such as crazy landslide and water jet motorcycle to release your childlike innocence. Cool play: Zhaopo coastline is long, the beach is fine, the water is clear, enjoy soaking yourself in the sea, let the waves of waves impact over, with the water ups and downs. Or running barefoot on the beach, feeling the delicate and gentle under the feet... All this makes people feel leisurely, at ease, relaxed. In addition to the close contact with the sea, Zha Po is also a world of food, whether it is in the wine, or the food stalls near the scenic spot, you can see a variety of raw seafood everywhere, you can taste enough at a time. Tai Kok Wan Marine Park is another unforgettable place in the gateway, where the diving world must not be missed. Because the diving world of the Big Horn Bay Sea Park has applied advanced biological filtration technology to create an aquatic ecological environment where "mermaids coexist and play together". In the diving hall, set up simulated ocean currents, underwater world, select coral and other underwater landscapes and rare fish, let people feel the wonder of the underwater world. At the same time, the museum also applies the principle of light refraction and reflection to create a colorful underwater world, stimulate children's curiosity about the blue ocean, and combine science and entertainment. In addition, be sure to enjoy a fantastic water show at the first underwater lifting stage - the Big Horn Bay Sea Show Stage. TIPS Traffic: The car can go to Guangyuan Expressway → Guanghua Station → Guangfo Expressway - Fokai Expressway (in the direction) → Open speed, at the "" exit of the coastal expressway, to the direction of the gate slope; In addition, the provincial bus station has a daily shuttle bus to the city. Cuisine: Zhaopo with raw seafood, seafood, varieties of everything, and the famous Zhaopo local flavor snacks such as fish balls, fish noodles, mackerel rice and so on. Local fishermen's special "Tanka", shrimp cakes, barbecued seafood is also hard to find outside the flavor.


Hailing Island in ten Li Silver Beach to see cultural relics Hailing Island is located in the city, there are "south" and "Hawaii" laudatory name. Dajiao Bay of Hailing Island has been rated as a national AAAA scenic spot, and the "Ten mile Silver Beach" is the most in the Guinness Book of the world. The "sunset" of the nearby island is intoxicating, and it is also the best place to watch the sunset of the entire island. When the sunset clouds fill the sky, many visitors are attracted to stop here to enjoy the magnificent sunset and marvel at the brilliance of nature. Cool play: There is also a treasure on Hailing Island: the Maritime Silk Road Museum (namely the Crystal Palace). "No. 1" This ancient wooden shipwreck of the Southern Song Dynasty is the largest, earliest and most complete ocean trading merchant ship among the sunken ships found in the world. The whole ship has 60,000 to 80,000 pieces of cultural relics, enough to "arm" a provincial museum. Every June, it is Hailing Island shrimp fat crab sweet season, fishermen on the island often go to sea at 4 o 'clock in the morning, return at 11 o 'clock, fish and shrimp are ready to eat, the fun is more than in the seafood restaurant can be compared. Biting into the sweet shrimp "spring" crab paste and enjoying the natural scenery beyond the water, you will be carried away. This is easy to achieve because the local fishermen are simple and hospitable, you can book with them in advance and apply to go fishing with them... TIPS Traffic: Self-drive can take Guangzhan highway or 325 National road to, at the intersection left to the south along 277 provincial road straight, through Pinggang, Hailing leeway to Hailing Island. Cuisine: Hailing Island is surrounded by the sea, Zhapo fishing port is a well-known fishing port, so seafood is more and cheaper, in addition to the local fishermen's special tanka dishes, shrimp cakes, barbecue seafood and so on are also unique flavor.


Sichuan Island, located in the west of Taishan City, the first hometown of overseas Chinese in China, is an island town with an area of 268 square kilometers and a population of 38,000 people. The 26 islands here are like a string of pearls scattered on the rippling blue waves. From the gorgeous sea scenery to the rustic and quiet pastoral scenery, it is fascinating to linger. Cool play: If Kawashima is compared to a beautiful landscape painting, then the two main islands of Kawashima - Kamikawajima and Shimikawajima are the finishing touches on the scroll. Shangchuan Island and Xiachuan Island this pair of sister flowers in the blue wave, have the same blue sea and blue sky, silver sand and white waves, fishing boats sing late, but different customs... Kamikawa Island Gangyang atmosphere, dynamic and legendary. The three major beaches on the shore stretch for ten miles, which is spectacular. Tourists in the flying beach tourist area lying in the sand rest day, shaking the sails, riding the umbrella to the sky, diving under the sea, enjoy the fun of nature. In addition, you can also enjoy the monkeys in the forest of the nature reserve, or visit the famous Catholic pilgrimage site in the north of the island, paying homage to the Catholic saint Francis Xavier, who 446 years ago witnessed the first collision of Chinese and Western cultures, this is a place you can not miss. On the island, you can freely visit the cave, visit the treasure of the town island Lechuan Buddha, crack the mystery of the hidden treasure of the sea, appreciate the largest "plant diamond" - bamboo Berin, you can also go to the southernmost national first-class fishing port of Sand Beach port to experience a unique and enchanting style. Shimokawa Island is exquisite, quiet and romantic. Wangfuzhou Tourist area is a coconut enchanting resort on the island, during the day you enjoy the stimulation of various Marine activities, you can also climb the high stone "the end of the sky, the horn of the sea", or to the jade girl Dragon statue to listen to the ancient legend, or fishing or trawling, read the fishing village customs... Night more pleasant, there are bars, tea house, foot pavilion, dance hall to accompany you to spend the night, there are 45 wine and villa village, push the window can listen to the sound of the waves, go out considerable silver beach snow waves, perfect facilities, thoughtful service will make you feel like being in the palace. Shimokawa Island is also the cradle of fame for photography enthusiasts, and has produced many legendary works. At the same time, it is also a paradise for fishing enthusiasts, where many influential sea rock fishing competitions have been held; Even a number of influential beauty pageants come here to learn. TIPS Transportation: Drive from departure → Guangfo Expressway → Fukai Expressway → Siqian Exit to Xintai Expressway → West Coastal Expressway → Shangxiachuan Island Exit → Shantsui Port → Xiachuan Island. Food: Kawashima seafood is very rich, delicious, there are fish, lobster, maculata, green crab, flower crab, prawn, crown snail, jade mussel, dog claw snail, will military cap, turtle, seaweed, sand white, gypsum crab, spicy snail, horn snail, red crab, stone snail and other hundreds of varieties.


Dongao Island taste delicious seafood play fishing located in the islands of Dongao Island is considered to be the classic island of sea tourism, the island in addition to the unique and charming natural scenery, directly from the sea of raw seafood and rich fishing village style has become another name card of Dongao Island. The seafood here is not only abundant but also fresh. This summer, may wish to drive a car, blowing the sea breeze, to taste delicious seafood, do not have some fun. Cool play: Dongao Island is located in pearl, surrounded by endless. The seafood here is not only abundant but also fresh. Dongao Island spread the "spring chi fish, summer silver shrimp, autumn and winter nets to catch yellow flowers" beautiful fishing songs, because there are now fishing and selling raw seafood, so that many good food guests take the trouble to go. In the pier area of Tung O Island, there are many seafood stalls operated by local fishermen, selling fresh shrimp, crabs, fish, and various shellfish, everything is fierce and affordable. To Dongao Island, be sure to try the "three treasures of Dongao Island" - sea urchins, military hats, and dog claw snails. Facing the sea, smelling the faint smell of sea water in the air, tasting the delicious seafood, really do not have some fun. You can also board the shore anchorage of the fishing boat with the boatman "set sail" treasure, when you stand in the bow, perhaps inadvertently see you can find the sea floating beautiful jellyfish, a translucent, colorless, purple, pink in the drift, very enchanting. In addition, Dongao Island has always been a sea paradise for fishing enthusiasts from Hong Kong and Macao. The vegetation on the island is lush, and the forest coverage rate is as high as 82%, which completely retains the original natural ecological environment. There are also Bay, bay, small bamboo Bay three major beaches, the most enchanting bay, like a diamond shining on this magnificent island. Waves are frequent but not strong, it is the best resort for diving, surfing and bathing. TIPS Transportation: After arriving at Gongbei Bus Station, you can take bus No. 1 or No. 2 to the port. Take a boat from Tay Passenger Terminal to Tung O Island Pier. Cuisine: The island is exceptionally rich in products, and is located on the edge of the continental shelf, and the quality of seafood is superior.


Xunliao Bay by fishing boat fishing Xunliao Bay by the mountains beside the sea, the island has clear spring water, there are soft and clean beaches, there are many stone scenery can be named without speculation. In addition, Xunliao Bay has a unique fishing harbor culture, both of which make it one of the best beach spots, but also one of the hobby of travel photography enthusiasts. Visit the sea Turtle Nature reserve with your family. Cool play: Nienping Peninsula can be described as mountains and sea springs everything, scenery four seasons picturesque, only the Xunliao Bay area known as seven mountains, eight bays and 18 scenery caused visitors to sigh with regret. Xunliao Bay water clear bottom, flat and soothing sea bottom, white curved beach, fine sand, crystal clean, plus Yang mei, blue sky and blue water reflect each other, the water moving bits of light, floating in the sea of small wooden boats and the sky floating in the sky, all are photography lovers to pursue the island beauty, so that has been quiet by the city's heart again lit up excited. Come to Xunliao Bay, enjoy the beach sunshine here, then you can also take a fishing boat, and fishermen go out to sea to cast nets fishing work, but also use the camera to record the fun of being a "fisherman". Near dusk, the sunset on the sea surrounded by patches of clouds gradually falling, the fishermen's day of work will be turned into leisure. Visitors here can enjoy the original fishing village life, listen to the fishing village elderly wandering story. In the evening, with three or five friends at the seaside fireworks, enjoy the romantic beach bright night. In addition to feeling the fisherman's life, the sunrise of Xunliao Bay can not be missed, especially for photography enthusiasts, we must leave this most beautiful moment. TIPS Transportation: Drive from the departure to Xunliao → from Guangshen Highway → from the airport to the Jihe Highway → After entering Shenshan Highway, go down to the Guangshan Highway → then turn to the avenue to reach Xunliao Bay, about 100 kilometers by car. Food: You can rent a fishing boat here to go out fishing and taste the seafood caught by your own hands.