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Self-driving Travel 2018

2018-02-18 03:12:00

Drive 5 day tour guide


Family car


Starting from 6:30 in the morning, the way of Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway, Fuyin Expressway, Hubei Expressway, about 400 kilometers, 6 and a half hours to arrive (pay attention to rest on the expressway), eat something here at noon (here consumption is not high, and the amount of food is very sufficient), and set off after supplemassing supplies.


Next, enter the forest area, enjoy the scenery along the way, individual small scenic spots make a brief stay, open to the direction of Red Ping town, prepare to live in this evening, ordinary inn, accommodation is not expensive.


The next morning go directly to the Tianyan scenic spot, buy 6 packages of scenic spots (some other small scenic spots can also be used), 269, play the Tianyan scenic spot, mainly swallow cave, savage cave, rainbow Bridge.


Afternoon to play Tiansheng Bridge, Guanmen Mountain and Shennong Altar, Tiansheng Bridge mainly to see waterfalls and natural stone Bridges, Guanmen Mountain is mainly popular science experience, Shennong Altar to show Shennong culture and Shennong spirit, is one of the landmark buildings.


The third day to Shennong Ding, here is the savage found, here is also the "roof of central China", covers a large area, mainly climbing, feel the natural scenery. More classic is the Qingyunladder, Shennong Valley, charming drip, Banbi rock.


On the fourth day to the Dajiu Lake, the scenic area needs to take the scenic bus to enter, and the private car is parked in the parking lot outside. Inside is the wetland park, the scenery is also quite good.


Return on day five

Matters needing attention

The temperature difference between day and night is relatively large, pay attention to keep warm


There are more gas stations along the way, but also pay attention to refueling