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Self-help tour guide Travel guide Self-help tour guide

2018-03-20 04:48:48

It is located at the junction of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the northwest of the province, with a total area of 20,600 square kilometers. Living in the Naxi, Bai, Yi, Lisu and other ethnic minorities, among them, Naxi accounted for more than half of the total population of the district and county.


Climate     The annual temperature difference is small, but the daily temperature difference is large. The temperature is lower in the morning and evening. It's hot outside and cool inside. Remember to bring warm clothes, rain gear and sunscreen when traveling.


Transport aircraft     To 45 minutes. Ticket Price: 1010 yuan car       To: The city west bus station has 12 classes a day, the journey time is about 9-10 hours, luxury tour bus fare 150 yuan.       To: to. Local transport.     The city is not big, to the scenic spots can choose to walk or bus, very convenient. Public transport     No. 4: District No. 1 Middle School to the railway station.     No. 16: District No. 1 Middle School to the railway station.     Road 18: White Dragon Square to train station Bike       You can't ride a bicycle inside, you can rent a bicycle out of the city or go to the nearby scenic spots, the rental fee is 15 yuan/day. There is a free bicycle or bicycle rental business, you can ride to Shuhe town or ancient town, feel the local culture.

Scenic spot recommendation

Inside Lion Mountain, wooden house, big stone bridge, Kogong square and so on.


Black Park is a must for photography lovers. Admission: No admission fee but a maintenance receipt is required. Access: It's a 15-minute walk upriver from the water wheel at the entrance.


Shuhe ancient town Shuhe can eat genuine organic vegetables, you can go to the restaurant in front of the vegetable field to personally pick vegetables for restaurant processing. Ticket :50 yuan (usually you can basically escape tickets) Traffic: Take a taxi from Dayan in the past (6 kilometers), the fare of 15 minutes by car is about 20 yuan. Can also ride a bike to, an hour or so, in the widest road snow mountain road looking at snow mountain riding, riding to the end will see the sign of the beam river.


The ancient town has buildings and murals of Ming and Qing dynasties. Traffic: It is recommended to go by bike, the scenery on the road is simple. Many foreigners prefer to go to Shuhe by bike rather than by bike. If you take a taxi, it's about 40 yuan.


The ancient town highlights the buildings and murals of Ming and Qing dynasties. Entrance fee: Free entrance fee for ancient town, 30 yuan for mural painting. Transportation: You can go there by bike, and the scenery on the road is simple. It's about 40 yuan by taxi.


Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a sacred mountain in the hearts of the Naxi people and other nationalities. Although the main peak is only 5,600 meters above sea level, it has not been conquered by humans. The Big Jade Dragon Scenic spot is a big scenic spot based on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which mainly includes the big ropeway, Yak Niuping (middle ropeway), Spruce Ping (small ropeway), Blue Moon Valley, Dry Haizi, Dongba Valley, Yushui Village, Dongba Garden of Gods, Zhang Yimou's "Impression" and so on. Select parts to play according to your needs. Ticket: Yulong Snow Mountain entrance fee 80 yuan; Yulong snow Mountain cableway 190 yuan; Spruce Ping cableway 67 yuan; Yak Ping cableway 80 yuan; Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area loop (Spruce Ping, Yak Ping)20 yuan; Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area loop car (big ropeway)10 yuan; "Impression" when the peak season is not good to book, it is best to let the inn help book. Transportation: Yulong Snow Mountain is 30 kilometers away from Dayan ancient town, you can chartered to go, chartered then 120 yuan round trip, you can sit up to 6 people, let the inn see if there is a peer guests to go together, the fare AA more cost-effective.


Lashihai is a national wetland park with a large flock of migratory birds in winter. You can go bird watching, experience the tea horse road, boating and so on. Ticket :20 yuan, horse riding fees according to the line 100-500 range, you can bargain. Transportation: The distance is about 30 kilometers, generally through the inn chartered bus 20 yuan round trip, more than 30 yuan can carry to the Shuhe ancient town.


Stone Town Stone town is more than 200 years earlier than the history of Dayan ancient town, deep in the mountains and canyons. The whole city was built on a large rock by the river, making it a natural fortress that was easy to defend and difficult to attack. The residents are all Naxi people who have lived here for generations, and it is natural for them to make use of the property left to them by God and their ancestors - stones, and some residents' furniture such as tables and chairs, grain cabinets, water tanks and even beds are all carved with the boulder. Ticket: 20 yuan Traffic: can only go by chartered car, from the start about 4-5 hours later to the country car, and then an hour on foot to reach the stone city.


Lugu Lake Lugu Lake is the mother lake of the matrilineal Mosuo people, also known as the pearl of the Plateau. When the weather is clear, it is as beautiful as a blue sapphire set among the green mountains. Ticket: 80 yuan Transportation: The distance is 250 kilometers, the drive is about 5-6 hours, the tour bus 140 yuan round trip. Bus: to Loishui Village, 60 yuan one way, to go to Rigg, you need to spend 50 yuan in the Loishui chartered bus to Rigg. Charter: About 450 yuan/day to Lugu Lake


Tiger Leaping Gorge Tiger Leaping Gorge is the most spectacular Grand Canyon in the world. The peak of Yulong Snow Mountain at the highest point of the canyon has a drop of 3000 meters from the river, which is the deepest canyon in the world. The narrowest part of the canyon is the famous Upper Tiger Leaping Gorge, the narrowest point is only 30 meters, and in this narrowest point there is a boulder lying in it, which makes the already narrow river become even narrower, so the name Tiger Leaping Gorge. Ticket: 50 yuan Traffic: 80 kilometers away, it takes 3 hours by car, and then an hour on foot to reach Shanghutiao. Travel on the same day. Bus fare: about 250 yuan Bus fare: 25 yuan, get off at the bridge and walk for 10 minutes to the ticket office of Shanghutiao.


Shangri-la, which means the sun and moon in the heart, is located in the Hengduan Mountains southeast of the Tibetan Plateau, where several of Asia's great rivers flow. The thousands of sculpting effects of these rivers have created a vast area of natural scenery that is almost unique in the world. Transportation: 180 km away, about 4 hours by car. Tourist line: 140 yuan round trip (including Tiger Road Gorge and Shangri-La main site fee) Bus: one bus per hour, the fare is about 100 yuan round trip, but you need to rent a car to various attractions after Shangri-La, suitable for playing in Shangri-La for more than two days. Charter: 600 yuan a day, starting from two days.