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Seoul steam curtain experience guide

2018-03-17 16:00:40

Everyone should be familiar with the sweat curtain in South Korea, often watching the hero and heroine in Korean dramas or a family wrapped in a sheep's head and eating eggs in the sweat room. At that moment, are you curious and envious, but also want to feel it? JINNA will introduce the Korean steam curtain to you today. Are you looking forward to it? Then come along!


Korean dramas often show a person who has no money to go to 찜질방 to stay, yes! This is really a good place to relax the body and mind tired, but also can feel the Korean bathing culture, and one of the most useful and affordable for us is to save the high cost of accommodation. For a trip to Seoul, the average Motel is at least 50,000 won, which means the room charge is at least 300 yuan. However, if you stay at 찜질방, you can enjoy the same benefits for only 12,000 won (about 70 yuan). The 찜질방 that JINNA introduced to you today is the same one that can offer discounts in the 2011 Seoul Summer Shopping Festival brochure mentioned in the Seoul Guide last time. Will this reduce your travel budget again?



This is the cash register after the main entrance, where you pay and get your clothes and towels. On the top is the price, we can see that the red part is the price during the day (AM5:00-PM10:00), the adult bath is 7000, the bath + sweat steaming is 9000, the child bath 5000, the bath + sweat steaming is 6000. The blue part is the overnight rate (8:00pm - 10:00AM). Adult bath 8000, bath + sweat steam 12000. Child bath 6000, bath + sweat steam 8000. With our discount coupon, you can get 20% off during the day and 30% off at night, so if you stay at 8,400 won (51 yuan) a night, isn't that a good deal?


Generally divided into two parts of the bath and sweat steaming, the bath is separated by men and women, the bathing environment is also very good, the female bathroom is large, there are 8 different kinds of soup, that is, there are wormwood soup, charcoal soup, massage soup, cold water soup and so on. The home is also very careful to put the newspaper plastic next to it, you can read it when you are bored. Because this part is really not able to take photos, so can only use words to describe to everyone, in the future if you have the opportunity to come, you can experience.


(The photo is a picture of the female locker room, the top left is the place to change the key after coming in, after handing over the money and taking the clothes into the wooden floor of the place to take off the shoes, this is the living habit of Korean people, they rarely wear shoes at home, after coming in you will see a small box of shoes, find a key to put their shoes in it, Then take the key to the shoe cabinet to find the staff here in exchange for the key to the locker. These pictures are of the women's dressing room, taken from different angles. In the picture on the upper right, we can see the white machine in the lower right corner, which is the kind of fat shaking machine, which is free. The lower left is the channel connected with the sweat room. In this picture, another small editor of ours is playing a friendly role. You can see the clothes here. Men's clothes are white, different from women's. At the bottom right are some simple supplies, such as water, lotion, toilet paper, cotton swabs, hair dryers, etc.)


After you shower, you can change into your clothes and go upstairs. It's a big place. It's got five floors. On the first floor, there are male and female baths, and on the second floor, there are lounges, Korean restaurants, and cafes. The third floor is mainly occupied by recreational facilities, including a gym, comic bookcase, computer room, games room, and restaurant. On the fourth floor are all kinds of sweat rooms. The fifth floor has independent sleeping rooms for men and women, in fact, all floors can rest, but if you feel that the public space is noisy, you can also go to the sleeping room to rest. Let's take a look at the facilities here.


This is a wealth of recreational facilities here, is it not looking good, these facilities are mainly concentrated in the third floor, so you can come here to enjoy oh, some facilities are required to coin can be used, but not expensive, so remember to change your clothes in your pocket, within 10,000 should be enough, the bottom right, we look carefully, here is the place to sell eggs, There are two kinds of eggs on the shelf, do not Korean does not matter, these are cooked eggs, peeling can be used, one is white eggs, one is processed like baked eggs, white eggs are heavier than that processed, everyone knows, next to the salt and pepper, this is the secret, only sprinkled with this will be delicious oh, be sure to try, the salt is very salty, Don't spill too much at a time, it is now more expensive than before, now it is 1000 yuan 2 eggs, before it was 3 or 4


Let's take a look at the most mysterious part in our minds - the steam curtain, go to the fourth floor, enter the fourth floor of the first sight is the massage facilities on the left, the middle is a rest of the floor, the right row is a sweat room, each sweat room next to the hanging light box, write the name of the sweat room, the door there are temperature signs and effects of the detailed introduction. Here are: cold carbon room, salt room, loess room, acid room, jade room, men's special earth kiln room, ice room and so on.


This is the fifth floor sleeping room, really I have seen the largest sleeping room, after opening the door, it is estimated that it can accommodate hundreds of people.


Here we have shown you the situation of each floor, is it true that the mysterious veil of the sweat room has been lifted a little? How to say, bathing is also a culture, but also a kind of experience, in order to truly understand the mystery or to personally experience. Maybe we all miss the big bathhouse when we were young, but now that we have grown up, the big bathhouse that we used to go to for 2 yuan has disappeared. Korea 찜질방 also has a long history, but why is it still preserved today? Many Koreans still go there regularly to relax. If you don't experience it yourself, you won't know the charm of the sweat room!

Matters needing attention

South Korea's sweat room generally only provides soap, other like shampoo, hair, shower gel and other toiletries are to be prepared by themselves, if you really feel that these things are too heavy, or do not bring it, you can buy bags here, the price is not expensive, generally 500-1000 yuan (RMB 3 to 6 yuan) a bag, toothbrush is also to bring their own, Toothpaste is available free of charge in the bath area.