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Several stages of foreign exchange speculation

2018-05-14 06:24:59

People who play Weiqi know that professional chess players have a duan system, and the level of the duan basically reflects your level. There is no stage system of venture capital, how to know the level of each person only by themselves, how to know their level?


1 You just entered the market, you only have a general understanding of everything in the market, you are not very clear about the provisions of the various contracts, you have no idea what to buy and sell, your trading mainly look at the futures brokers


Comment, or listen to a friend's advice, and you always think they have a point. Your trading is mainly short-term, make some money you are in a hurry to close the position, afraid of the profit to fly, you hold the loss, thinking there is always a solution




2 You start to know some technical indicators, MACD, KDJ, RSI, etc., and you always feel that they are sometimes accurate and sometimes not. You also care about fundamentals. What's the weather like there today? More or less inventory


What? You are always the first to check the Internet to see some of today's economic data and other important events. But you trade more frequently, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but overall, the account is in the red.


3 has been trading in the market for some time, but overall the account is losing money. You think it's really hard to make money in this market, and you're desperate to get your money back, but you don't know what to do. You watched some or a lot of them


Books about trading, but you think they say the same thing, get the actual operation in this market is quite different. You feel that the metrics are not accurate enough, so you try to adjust the parameters, but they are still there sometimes


The time is not right. You go to the forums and open various websites to find relevant reports and comments. At the same time, I hope to get the guidance of foreign exchange experts. But sometimes they're right and sometimes they're not. Maybe their usual look must be that they don't follow the fuck


Do. Finally couldn't help but close his eyes and followed a heavy warehouse. The result is a big loss!


4. You have experienced large losses or short positions. You know you can't survive in this market by listening to commentary and analysis. Because you know those comments are nothing more than paper. So you begin to study systematically, you will find


Have read the relevant books, hoping to find a magic weapon to beat the market. You also study the Japanese candle chart technique, wave theory, Gann's law of market measurement, chaos theory and the like. You've learned to ride the tide and lose money


Cut your losses. But you don't know how this' potential 'is determined, where to set the stop loss. Gradually you feel that it is really difficult to know exactly when the market will reverse, and you do not believe that anyone can make money in this market


Money, because smart people. How can people like themselves make money when they feel helpless in the face of the market? In the confusion. But not reconciled! What to do?




You begin to understand that to make money in this market you have to have your own trading system. But you still don't know exactly what this trading system involves. You try to combine several metrics into your system, the root


According to the signal bin they provide. But these signals often conflict with each other, leaving you wondering which one to believe at the moment. You try to trade for the long term, but sometimes you don't know whether it's a pullback or a reversal. You try to just


Do day short-term good, earn 30 to 50 points a day, a month down should also be a lot. Better than their own work! The point is that you often make 30 one day and lose 50 the next. I don't make enough when I make money and I lose a lot


A lot. Your account is still losing money, you think it is really difficult to do foreign exchange, if you can't do it, you consider whether it is time to give up.


This article illegal climbing is taken from experience


7 You begin to be able to make steady profits and have your own set of trading systems. With a good financial management system. You have solved the problems of the trading philosophy and started to have your own trading philosophy. For technical things


You don't care too much, you know that with the right idea, you can make a steady profit even using a simple moving average. You know which are the key points, you can calmly enter, although you can not see the end of the trend


How about that. One day you may make fifty or more and then lose thirty, but you can execute your stop loss correctly, and you know that the lost money will come back sooner or later. Your mood is basically calm, but occasionally you are faced with sharp fluctuations in the market


There are ups and downs, especially when there are orders or positions are a little heavy.




This time to make money for you is routine, just like a veteran driver driving, stop at the red light, green light on the line. Trading is completely unconscious to you. You no longer need to precisely define the stop loss level against the graph


Take a pen or a calculator and calculate the ratio of risk to reward. Because you know forex margin is a big deal. Neither you nor I can predict the market but we can use our trading system (which has happened in historical charts in the past)


High frequency signals) attack when the probability of occurrence is high, so that one hit to win!!!