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Shaba Bay tourist accommodation guide

2018-03-24 11:12:24

Shaba Bay scenic area, including Shaba Bay and Moon Bay two big bays, has the invincible double bay reputation, Shaba town is surrounded by the sea peninsula, the town is less than 600 meters away from the sea, a few meters of residential buildings accounted for ten percent. The hotel is close to the sea and you can walk to Yongyong in a swimsuit. Shaba Bay beach gentle quiet leisure, sunset coconut shadow, night scenery romantic warmth. Moon Bay 6 km Long Beach is visually open, large waves, thrilling and exciting. And there is no admission fee for free access, the seafood of the two attractions is cheap and fresh, so that diners can eat at ease and have fun. Green Island 6 nautical miles from Shaba Bay, yacht 20 minutes to reach, the water can be seen 2 meters deep water fish in the swim, Shaba Bay scenic spot is the best and most affordable seaside tourism resort in western Guangdong. There is no noise of other beaches in Shaba Bay, and the 2km long coastline may only leave you a long footprint, where you can have your own space to enjoy the sea. Sitting on the beach at night, drinking beer, listening to the waves, counting the stars, enjoying the "Green Island fishing fire", one of the new eight scenes in the distance, and occasionally bright fireworks in the sky... Or stand on the edge of the sea, overlooking the evening, the number of paddling sails, the sunset has forgotten to return, let the heart clean and clean. Shaba Bay Moon Bay Travel Guide (the first time to see) Before going to Shaba Bay travel, I read some travel guide on the Internet and then set out, now after coming back, write a downstream feeling, give back to everyone. It's written in order of itinerary. We leave at 8:10 am and arrive at Shabbaktown at 12 am. The tour guide on the car asked if she would like to help us order food, Yijing Seafood restaurant, where we get on and off the bus, on the foot. A table of 10 people,250 yuan, nine dishes and a soup, shrimp, crab, fish. I saw the price was not too expensive, so I took it. Six of us and four other passengers made one. 1, shrimp is sea shrimp, white fried, the meat is very cool. 2. Fried crab with ginger and scallions, it tastes good. 3, fried cuttlefish is also very fragrant, delicious, children, adults like. 4, oyster fried egg delicious, clear dish. 5. Fried sweet potato leaves are "wet". 6, but the appearance and taste of a fish are not very good, when leaving, eat less than one of 20. 7, another "pork pot" is more classic, each pork fat accounted for 80%, I can not eat, into the pot almost have not eaten. 8, soup is vegetable soup, good is obviously made up. I forgot the other two dishes. Think about it, only 250 yuan, it is willing to go up and down, and the psychology is balanced. After eating, we moved into the holiday house. We lived in the "Yang" holiday house rebuilt by folk houses. It was 6 stories high. It is not far from "Seafood Street", about 5 minutes walk. However, according to other travelers, our room has more space than the hotel, at least can fit a sparrow table. Let's go to Seafood Street first, pack a local private van, and pay for it when we leave the barbecue tomorrow. 30 yuan is what he said, but with requirements, we eat two meals to his car to go, which room to choose by ourselves, so that he can ask the boss of the food stall to take 10 yuan of gas money, he said this is "hidden rules", people here do so. We don't have a problem with him saying that. Later I learned that he took many groups of guests a day, and often had to wait for him to come. 4 PM start to go to the Moon Bay to play, because it is far than the sand bar Bay, tomorrow to go to the time is certainly not enough. It takes about 20 minutes by car. Moon Bay has endless sea, dark blue, refreshing, far away has smelled the taste of the sea, has wanted to rush into the sea immediately. The waves are so big, but there is a hemp rope for you to catch the surf, and the bold can lie on the swim ring, which is exciting. The sea is salty, a little bitter, surfing was forced to drink a little, ha ha ~~~~ water is good, photography is very beautiful. Children's favorite is to pick up shells, big and small, good color can also pick up big or white shells. 7:30 PM to "seafood street" to find food, there are a lot of food stalls on the road, some shops are selling dried seafood, the second floor is a food stall. We went to a "home Yu seafood stall", which is on the second floor. One of the meals: white boiled shrimp 1 catty 25 yuan, fried crab with ginger and onion 1 catty 23 yuan (big one 35 yuan), fried cuttlefish 13 pieces a case 38 yuan, fried egg with oyster 18 yuan a case, fried vegetable with garlic 10 yuan a case, flower shell 15 yuan a case about 2 catties, rice 1 yuan a belly (eat), big Sprite 8 yuan, cup and plate a total of 3 yuan, buried bill is 146 yuan. The taste is good, the table is clear, the greeting is OK, went to 2 times (6 people). After dinner, buy dry goods, when we buy things in the "Guangdong and Hong Kong Seafood", we are tired to sit down, there are two children about the age of junior high school students, pick up a package of dried squid, said to buy a package, the packaging is about the size of Want Want snow cake, the male boss said very readily: a package, do not charge you money. The little girl said no, he said: a bag doesn't matter. I think the boss is very human and deserves help. Around 10 o 'clock in the evening to ring road, that is, Hai Wei street snack, went to the "Feiyuan food stall", tried to know is the black rip-off. We ordered seafood casserole congee. Porridge bottom like overnight rice cooked, thin, good salty, peanut size of the so-called "pearl oyster" to fish out only about 10, plus small Xu thin shredded pork on 38 yuan a pot. After we reflected our opinions and talked to each other for a few words, the people in the room actually said: "This porridge is for pigs to eat, we will not eat it." This is so awful! Bad heart! To the guests in this way, it is clear that the passengers are water fish. Let's not follow in my footsteps. Get up at 7 a.m., what do you do in the morning? Think of riding a bicycle, rented a 4-person bicycle,200 yuan deposit,30 yuan a clock. Sitting 6 people, the braking is not good at all, and then changed to 2 pairs of bicycles, this braking is much better. Because the road to the direction of Shaba Bay is a slope, the brake must be better. You can ride a bike in the sand bar Bay round, see the sea view, there are many tourists on this side of the bike. The sand and landscape of the sand bar Bay are not good, the sand is rough, the water is not clear, and there are many large and small stones on the beach, which is not suitable for walking. The Moon Bay is much better to play in the sand, so I did not go down to the sand steak Bay. At 12 o 'clock, I packed my luggage, sat in the corner of the "fat lady food stall" and waited for the car (the second floor is where we live), and heard the passenger say loudly: "Clearly counted 19 shrimp, and now there are only 16 shrimp on the stage?" This time it's sweet again!" I looked at the past, is a very large shrimp, I asked when I went out in the morning, said 88 yuan a catty. The clerk replied, "Let me help you into the kitchen." Later the answer is: shrimp is too fierce, jumped out, now found, help you make up. The degree of credibility is up to you. A few more caveats: Don't drink orange juice with seafood. Coconut green cold,2 people drink one on the line, about 7 yuan a. Where I've been, there's no such thing as a bank, let alone a cash machine, so bring plenty of cash. No mosquitoes. I don't even need water with them. The weather is very hot, the hottest 37.8 degrees, beyond the normal human body temperature. The return trip left at 1:30 PM and returned to the hotel at 7 PM. Overall, it was fun.