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Shangri-la tourism image and strategy

2018-04-04 14:24:18

Recently, there are a lot of travel chaos, write an experience to say about your feelings.


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How much money


Ethnic minorities gather together, with distinctive cultural diversity. It is a good place to travel, because the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, year-round closed, the people are simple and at the same time with some simple wild. When we went, everyone we met was super friendly and gracious. Sometimes I overcharge, but I don't say unkind things.


The first stop:, can be by train, can be by plane, one day trip, went to the lake and ethnic village. There is a mountain near the lake. I went hiking. I felt good.


The second station: (train), the accommodation is very good, now go to find, find the local characteristics of the people can. There are many people to attract tourists to stay, night and day views are good.


Third stop: Shangri-La (by bus, just ask the locals.) On the way you will see the first Bay of the Yangtze River. Along the river (the upper reaches of the Yangtze River), the scenery is good. Shangri-la was caught in a fire. When we went there, it was still in ruins. How it is now? I don't know. All the way to the border and saw the snow-capped mountains.


Fourth stop:, there are three ancient towns, recommend Shuhe ancient town. There is Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and many other scenic spots. You can take your time.


The folk customs are still very simple, but the commercialization is indeed very obvious. Everyone with a sincere heart can return with a good heart. Mutual respect. It's not gonna go wrong. The bar is very fun. But... It was too late. I didn't go.