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Shennongxi tourism guide

2018-02-18 16:00:00

Shennong Creek was originally named along the river. According to legend, Emperor Shen Nong Yan went down the river after picking medicine. Shennong Creek is a regular stream on the long shore of the province and county. It originates from the southern slope of "the first peak in Central China" and runs through deep mountains and valleys from south to north. It enters the Yangtze River at the east of the mouth of Wuxia, with a total length of 60 kilometers. On both sides of the stream, the mountains stand tall, the meandering hills and peaks. The formation of Longchang Gorge, parrot Gorge, Shennong Gorge three dangerous, beautiful and unique natural gorge segments.


Shennongxi Ticket: 150 yuan (ticket plus boat ticket, excluding rafting) Rafting: 110 yuan/person Three Gorges Women's Valley Ticket: Students and military personnel can purchase preferential tickets with their student ID and military ID respectively; disabled people, senior citizens over 70 years old and retired cadres can purchase valid certificates respectively; young people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan can purchase half tickets with valid Travel permits for Hong Kong and Macao Residents to the Mainland and Travel Permits for Taiwan Residents to the Mainland; children under 1.3 meters in height can be granted free tickets. Open all day, rafting open from 9:00 to 17:00


Transportation tourists can first go to the cities along the Yangtze River, and then take the passenger ferry to the passenger terminal; Can also be in, transfer or transfer, arrive, county, passenger terminal are bound for the scenic tourist shuttle bus and passenger ferry. ▌ Arrival Guide Flight Route Xujiaping Airport > Shenlongxi Scenic Area. You can take the No. 2 bus between the airport and the city, and take a taxi for 10 to 15 yuan. Passenger station take Shennongxi tourist special train. Bus route station > Shenlong Creek Scenic Area. Bus station to the county seat to the county seat after the bus to the passenger terminal, there is to Shennongxi passenger ship. There is a shuttle bus to Qingjiang hotel, the distance is 195 kilometers, the ticket price is about 40 yuan. The Golden Channel of the Yangtze River passes through the northern county, and there are more than 30 passenger ships every day, divided into speedboats and ordinary passenger ships, the main destination is and, at the same time, the Three Gorges cruise ship will also stop.


The urban area is smaller, but there are more mid-to-low grade hotels and guest houses, and the accommodation is more convenient. Due to its special geographical environment, the local food has both Shu spicy and Xiaoxiang spicy style. In particular, the local snacks with the characteristics of the Tujia and Miao ethnic groups attract many visitors. Sauerkraut, selenium-rich potato paste, spicy chicken, weicai braised bacon, as well as Tujia, Miao nationality's Ge Ge, he residue, cured meat, dried potatoes and other unique food snacks, distinctive features, variety.


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Shennongxi Drift: Shennongxi drift uses a flat boat shaped like "pea". Stepping on this ancient and earthy boat, drifting leisurely on the clear water, will make you feel a kind of primitive wild interest. As described in a poem by Ouyang Xiu; "When there is no wind, the water is smooth and the ship does not move. Move the ripples. Startled sand birds fly across the shore." Drift into Jin Zhu Gorge with "pea".


[Bridge Culture Reserve] From the majestic ancient primitive forest, for thousands of years, a mysterious stream flowed continuously - Shennong Stream. This is a river full of ancient dreams and historical footprints. The beauty of Shennongxi, reflected in her primitive, simple, wild, no pollution, no artificial sculpture, all nature, beautiful and magical. Shennong River is full of green everywhere, the mountains are green, the water is green, as if within reach, this golden jade like waterway, set the Three Gorges male, dangerous, beautiful in one. Visitors on the primitive primitive pea boat tour unique; Especially the Tujia rugged, vigorous, beautiful and moving Bashan dance, make you fall in love; Echoing in the deep canyon of the high and passionate ferryman's horn, etc., is a delight......


【 Yanziqian Large Karst Cave 】 There are more than 60 large and small karst caves in the canyon walls of Shennongxi, especially the Yanziqian Cave is the most spectacular. The cave is more than 100 meters high, more than 40 meters wide, and about 8 kilometers deep. The cave is inhabited by thousands of Marine rare birds "living fossils" - Shennong short-billed swiftlets, so it is named "Yan Ziqian".


[Three Gorges Woman Scenic Spot] is a natural canyon scenic spot characterized by karst landforms. The canyon is east-west trend, about 25 kilometers long, a clear stream in the gorge through the gorge, in the county Shazhen River into the Yangtze River. The scenic area is 150 square kilometers. The average altitude is 1000 meters, the highest point is 1650 meters, the lowest point is 350 meters, and the average annual temperature is 13.3℃. The scenery on both sides of the canyon is beautiful, the climate is pleasant, there are many kinds of animals and plants, the rarest of the millennium crape Myrtle king, Mangrove, yew, davidia, etc., there are national second-class protected animals giant salamander, flying squirrel, macaque and so on. The scenic spot is called mountain, water, forest, spring, gorge, cave and other beautiful combination, set strange, dangerous, beautiful, secluded in one. Here the mountains and valleys show, Qifeng strange rocks, karst caves all over, stalactites gather, waterfalls overlap springs, colorful, clouds and clouds, like a dream. It can be described as a museum of natural landscape and a garden of ecological landscape.

Matters needing attention

The drifting boat should follow the command of the boatman when passing through the dangerous shoal, do not move casually, should grasp the safety rope, tighten the feet, and tilt the body to the center of the hull;


Do not do dangerous actions when drifting: in general, the drifting river is relatively safe, as long as you do not take the initiative to get off the boat, do not play with each other, do not take the initiative to catch the floating objects in the water and the grass and trees on the shore, the rafting raft will not turn over. Once the boat capsizes, it doesn't matter, just hold your breath and be careful not to choke on the water, because you have a life jacket;