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Shoe labeling method: Teach you to identify the true and false NIKE shoes

2018-03-28 09:36:36

Nike OEM a lot, there are China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, although the origin is not the same, but the quality is basically the same, to identify the true and false Nike, mainly look at Nike shoe logo. The identification method is as follows: the first step: pay attention to US, UK, EUR, CM these four size units, UK this size unit is close to the above black line, the other three sizes are not attached to the line, which is an important feature of genuine Nike. Due to technical and cost issues, this feature is difficult to imitate. Step 2: Carefully compare the production date on the left and right, the production date on the left of the genuine Nike is closer to the black line above than the production date on the right. According to the above two points, you can basically distinguish the true and false Nike. Please do not distinguish between real shoes and fake shoes from the work area of shoes, so you will only look more and more messy. Because the real shoes sometimes, there will be the phenomenon of overflow color and overflow glue, the number of threads when the shoes are on the line is not the key to the truth or falseness, because the genuine shoes we contact are also wired, which can be cut off, and not a quality problem.