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Shopping for study abroad life in the United States

2018-02-28 12:48:00

This post was last edited by shuckou on 2013-9-3 19:27. 1. i'm just browsing. When you walk into a business, the salesperson will usually come up to you and ask, "may i help you-" (Can I help you?) Or "are you looking for something-" (What clothes do you want to buy?) If you're just browsing, you can politely say "i'm just browsing." or "i'm just looking." That way you can browse the shop. If you are looking for something, such as a sweater, you can say, "i'm looking for a sweater. could you help me-" (I'm looking for a sweater. Could you help me-) Or "do you have any sweater-" (Do you sell sweaters?) 2. may i try this on-(May I try this on-) 2 If you want to know if you can try on something you like, you can ask the salesperson, "may i try this on-" Of course, in the United States, you can try on most clothes, but you can ask the salesperson, "where is the fitting room-" Sometimes someone will ask you "how many-" at the door before entering the fitting room, and you can just tell her how many clothes you have. Take two pieces, you answer: "two" is fine. At this time, she will give you a sign with the number two on it, you just hang this sign on the door before entering. 3, i like this tanktop. it goes with my baggy jeans. 3, I like this tanktop. It goes with my baggy jeans. A tanktop is a tanktop. There is a pure white vest for boys, which Americans jokingly call "wife-beater". Because they think that people who wear these vests usually have strong muscles and like to beat their wives when they go home. (...) "baggy" means "loose." For example, boys' baggy pants are called baggy pants. The familiar straight jeans are "straight jeans". 4. could you help me pick up a dress? 4. Could you help me pick up a dress? On formal occasions, almost every woman has a formal dress, or dress, especially a low-cut evening gown. You can sometimes use "dressy" to emphasize that the dress is beautiful and fashionable, as in "her dressy dress really caught my eyes." And "dress up" refers to the formal dress up, both men and women can be used, that is, girls wear a dress, boys wear a suit and tie. 5, i just want to buy some off-the-rack clothes. 5, I just want to buy some off-the-rack clothes. "rack" refers to a hanger, so "off-the-rack" refers to a garment that is made in large quantities by a worker, usually something very ordinary or not particularly good. For example, if you buy something at a night market, you can say "it's just something off-the-rack." (It's just something off-the-rack!) By contrast, "custom-made" or "tailor-made" means "made to order." for example, "i need to get a custom-made tuxes do for my wedding." this shirt is very stylish and not very expensive. This shirt is very stylish and not very expensive. "good-looking" means "good-looking" and "stylish" means "stylish". You can use "good-looking" and "stylish" to compliment an item of clothing. In addition, you can also use "becoming", which means "fitting and looking good". 7. i don't think this one will fit me. I don't think this one will fit me. When you're shopping for clothes and you see something you like but it doesn't fit, you can say "it's not my size." or "it won't fit me." Some shops, with signs of alteration, offer services to change clothes. 8, your clothes don't match. 8, Your clothes don't match. This means that the clothes don't match, maybe the color doesn't match, maybe the style doesn't match. Of course, foreigners and our Chinese aesthetics are not the same, the salesperson said this sentence, you do not have to take it seriously. let me ring that up for you. May I have my bill? "check out" is a common way to say "check out." You can usually take your clothes to the cash register and say to the clerk, "i want to check out." Some clerks like to ring up, which also means to check out, because there is usually a ring when you open a cash register. Sometimes when the clerk sees you coming with your clothes, she will voluntarily say "let me ring that up for you." You can reply "ok. go ahead and ring it up for me." The above are the 9 common life scenes of buying clothes in the life of studying abroad in the United States. These English expressions are enough to deal with, and I hope you have a full and happy life abroad!