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Simple maintenance method in the process of driving

2018-06-11 19:12:00

Go out, the road love car temper, there is no car maintenance nearby, how to do?? Car maintenance experts for you to decrypt the simple repair technology, so that you drive carefree...

9 maintenance technologies:

The fan belt is broken. The broken belt can be tied in series with wire or take the stop-start method to drive away.


Valve spring is broken. The broken spring can be removed, and the two broken sections can be installed in the past to be used. If the spring is broken into several sections, the car's independent technicians generally remove the inlet and exhaust valve adjustment screws of the cylinder, so that the valve remains closed and the cylinder stops working.


Soft break in inlet and outlet. When the break is not large, a cloth with a layer of soap can be used to wrap the water leakage; If the break is large, the soft break can be cut off, put a bamboo or iron in the middle, and tie it tightly with iron wire.


Accumulation cup burst. Put the deposit cup into and out of the oil sleeve with adhesive cloth or plastic, so that the oil does not pass through the deposit cup.


Fuel tank damage. When the flexible car is in use, it is found that the oil tank leaks, the oil leak can be wiped clean, and the oil leak can be coated with soap or bubble gum to temporarily block the oil. With epoxy resin adhesive repair, car repair results are better.


Oil leaks and water leaks. According to the size of the sand hole, the electrical fuse of the corresponding specification can be selected, and the hand hammer can be slightly smashed into the sand hole to remove the oil leakage and water leakage.


Oil joint leaking. Cotton yarn can be wrapped around the lower edge of the horn, and then tighten the oil nut and the oil connector; Gum gum or maltose can also be chewed into a paste, coated in the oil nut seat mouth, to dry after the sealing effect.


The oil breaks. When the oil breaks, the break can be wiped clean, coated with soap, wrapped with cloth or tape around the oil break, and tied tightly with iron wire, and then coated with a layer of soap.


Oil breaks. When the oil is broken, you can find a rubber or plastic sleeve that ADAPTS to the diameter of the oil. If the sleeve is not tight enough, both ends are tied tightly with iron wire to avoid oil leakage.