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Singapore visa application rejection response strategy introduction

2018-03-16 00:00:38

Were you disheartened when your visa to Singapore was rejected and you didn't know what to do? Swiss investment consulting network experts summarized the situation of the rejected several types of people and countermeasures. Crowd 1: Application materials counterfeiters Countermeasures: providing fake materials and being denied a visa is entirely self-inflicted. Applicants should remember that no matter what country they apply for, they should uphold the principle of "integrity first" and do not take any chances. Crowd 2: Those who are inclined to emigrate Countermeasures: convince the visa officer that there is no shortcut, and only move him with a sincere attitude of learning. For example, the applicant's age and educational conditions are very unfavorable, but he studies design, and has been engaged in design work for many years, and has accumulated a certain professional quality, which can make up for the lack of age and education to a certain extent. On the basis of this advantage, the applicant carefully modified the study plan and received professional interview guidance on the issue of "immigration tendency". In the second interview, he explained in detail the purpose of going abroad and his future plans, and fully expressed his thirst for knowledge, and finally got the visa. Countermeasures: Let the visa officer recognize your reason for studying abroad, which is the basic condition for applying for a visa. In this regard, applicants should carefully prepare in advance, understand the education system of the destination country, the basic situation of the school they choose and the characteristics and curriculum of the major they study, and develop a clear and complete study plan to know themselves and their opponents in order to win. The visa officer is concerned about whether the applicant has enough money for studying and living abroad, whether he will affect his studies because of working, and whether he will become a burden on his family. Therefore, when preparing materials, applicants should start from eliminating the visa officer's concerns and provide strong evidence to show their economic strength. Among them, special attention should be paid to the logical relationship between income and deposit, if income and deposit are found to be disproportionate, investment income, fixed assets and other materials should be supplemented, rather than simply providing supporting documents as required. The performance of the interview plays a decisive role in the success of the visa, so the applicant should treat it carefully. Especially for introverts, it is recommended to participate in professional interview training, formulate interview plans for their own characteristics, and know how to avoid common mistakes in the interview. In addition, be sure to approach the interview with a relaxed mind, and answer questions succinctly and to the point, not too quiet and shy.