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Singing girl cartoon picture drawing

2018-02-16 22:24:00

Singing girls have a beautiful look, and we can fully represent their beautiful image when drawing such cartoon characters. Today, we focus on the image of the singing girl, reflecting her beautiful hat, beautiful long hair, and beautiful skirt. The combination of filters and paths is used in the technique, so as to make this beauty more prominent.




Choosing the pen tool, we drew the external outline of the singing girl, and depicted the details of the hat and hair, as well as the path of the skirt, which was easy to fill in the color processing later.


Setting the foreground color to a red gradient, we fill the top half of the hat to make a lens rendering filter. Go ahead and fill in the bottom half of the hat, making it slightly darker than the top.


Set a reddish-brown gradient, we fill in the path of the hair area, we make a watercolor filter, and we use the curve adjustment tool to change the hue of the hair to a nice blonde color.


Setting the foreground color to pink, we filled in all areas of the singing girl's skin, from face to hands to legs.


Setting a pink gradient, we fill in the area where the dress is and create a lens halo effect inside the filter. Set the foreground color to pink and we fill the singing girl's shoes.


Set the foreground color to blue and black, we fill the singing girl's jeans, set the foreground color to gold, we fill the microphone, make a lens flare filter.


Finally, let's do the singing girl's eyes and facial expressions, set the foreground color to white to fill the eye whites, set a brown, black, brown gradient, we pull out an eye effect, and do the lens halo. Set the front scene to pink, we fill the nose, mouth and red face halo on the singing girl's face, and complete the drawing of all the cartoon pictures of the singing girl.