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Skin care before bed for an easy change

2018-05-10 11:12:37

For many office workers, the day is spent on work, there is no energy to care for their skin, resulting in their skin worse day by day. Today, I'm going to teach you how to use the few minutes before bed to take care of your skin and make it flawless.


Caffeine, anti-inflammatory products.


Midnight snacks and drinking are strictly prohibited


The first step before going to bed: do not want to wake up in the morning to find that the face is swollen like a pancake, two hours before going to bed absolutely refrain from eating, especially food with high salt content is more likely to make you edema


The second step before going to bed: Choose bedtime drinks carefully Although drinking a little wine before going to bed helps sleep and health, but too much will make the blood expand, causing edema. In particular, mixed alcohol, sugary soda juice, etc. are more prone to swelling. If you really want something flavorful, skip fennel, peppermint, or chamomile tea, which helps relieve gas, or try grapefruit juice with a touch of mustard, which is great for your skin, but don't overdo it!


Step 3 before going to bed: Carefully remove makeup and wash face twice Do not want to wake up the next day to find that the eye makeup is not clean into panda eyes, you can wash your face twice the day before. The first time, use a cream makeup remover to remove makeup, and then use a gel face wash to remove oil. Immediately after washing your face, apply moisturizing products to prevent your skin from becoming too dry.


Fourth step before going to bed: Give the eyes a little caffeine Want to slow down eye edema, improve dark circles, there are many rumors of small tricks, such as tea bags, hot spoons and so on. There is also a reason for these rumors, because the caffeine in tea bags has the effect of shrinking the blood, so it can make dark circles lighter. But we certainly do not recommend using tea bags, but you can choose to contain the same ingredients in the eye cream, it will be safe to use.


The fifth step before going to bed: annoying acne becomes invisible found that there are acne on the face is coming out, you can apply a thick layer of anti-inflammatory products on the acne before going to bed, and then stick it with medicinal breathable tape and gently press it, the next day you will find that the acne becomes smaller and less red and swollen. If you want to cover acne scars when you make up in the morning, you can also try the little secret formula of the socialite Sun Yunyun: First apply concealer, press with honey powder in the last concealer to ensure that acne scars can not be seen.


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Matters needing attention

As long as you can use the few minutes before going to bed, do exercise, you can also achieve a good effect, as long as you keep doing this every day, I believe that soon you will have perfect skin.