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Smart mobile power box

2018-04-22 16:00:44

The smart mobile power box has AC 220V output, as well as conventional 24V, 12V, 5V DC output. Widely used in various fields. The emergence of intelligent mobile power supply solves the problem of outdoor electricity consumption of various equipment and instruments, and the following introduces what is intelligent mobile power supply and its specifications and use scenarios. 2220V emergency power supply


Bo formed intelligent mobile power box


What is Smart mobile power? Intelligent mobile power supply is a kind of power supply with multiple AC output and multiple DC output, which can solve the power problems of various equipment, electronic equipment, and household appliances. The working principle is to convert direct current into alternating current through the inverter!


Intelligent mobile power supply is also called portable power supply, portable emergency power supply, outdoor side moving power supply, 220V AC and DC power supply. There are various output power specifications and capacity specifications. Common output power is 500W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W. Common capacities are 500WH, 1000WH, 1500WH, 2000WH, 3000WH, 6000WH. Intelligent mobile power supply, with the characteristics of multi-function output, to meet the needs of most electronic equipment and instruments. Can solve the power testing equipment, environmental testing equipment, emergency rescue equipment, outdoor exploration equipment, emergency communication equipment, outdoor medical equipment, electronic digital equipment... Electricity problem!


Intelligent mobile power supply makes outdoor electricity use no longer a problem, which facilitates people's lives and improves the efficiency of outdoor electricity operation.


The use of smart mobile power is simple, open the smart mobile power switch, plug in the electrical equipment can work. When using, it should be noted that the power of the device should not exceed the output power of the smart mobile power supply. Also confirm whether the remaining power supply of the smart mobile power supply is sufficient.


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Matters needing attention

When using smart mobile power, the power of the electrical equipment and the remaining power of the power supply should be confirmed