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Snorkeling precautions and

2018-03-28 04:48:39

Swimming in the sea, close contact with fish, turtles, etc. has always been the charm of snorkeling. Many people want to borrow the opportunity to travel to Bali, Phi Phi Island, Maldives and other places to try, but snorkeling also has many safety risks, for some people who can not swim want to go and dare not go, heavy concerns. This article mainly introduces the precautions and essentials of snorkeling experience in shallow water areas, and more professional knowledge needs to be guided by a diving instructor.


Scuba goggles, breathing, fins (known as the "three treasures of snorkeling")


Life jacket


Medusa coat


Other travel essentials: sunscreen, underwater camera


"If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools." Good quality, suitable for their own diving equipment is the foundation of snorkeling. The first thing we need is the "three treasures of snorkeling". If there are conditions, it is certainly recommended that you buy diving equipment from the entity, so that the mirror can try to stick does not fit your face shape, there is no leakage and so on. For some local purchases can only be purchased from the Internet, which requires everyone to fire eye crystal, do more comparison. In fact, in some tourist places, snorkeling sports can buy or rent diving equipment, but the price is not low, the quality needs to be verified. There are two main points that are not convenient to rent diving equipment, one is that if you are nearsighted, you may not be able to rent diving goggles with degrees, which may not be convenient for students who do not wear contact lenses. The second is breathing, this needs to bite the rubber part with the mouth, everyone will worry about health problems, only a few places may provide a one-time bite, please do more relevant work according to where you want to go. (Personal advice: For those who just want to experience snorkeling, you can consider buying a second-hand snorkeling Sanbao, economical!)


Always wear a life jacket, which can be rented from the dive. Students can wear jellyfish clothes if they can. One is sun protection, and the other is to prevent coral scratching. Many people will complain that the quality of the mirror is not good, always water, you may not bring the opposite mirror to lead to the mirror water. When wearing a mask, use both hands to fasten the mirror on your face, so that the lower edge of the sealing edge of the mirror is between your nose and your upper lip, and make sure that your hair does not get stuck on the outside of the mirror, because a small gap can cause water. Inhale gently so that the mirror is firmly on your face, then adjust the strap. (Note: Must not exhale through the nose, it will open the mirror, resulting in water.) The breathing breath is attached to the left side of the face mirror, and the breathing buckle is hooked to the face lens strap, leaving the breathing on the outside of the headband. The fins help protect your feet from coral damage and give you a boost while snorkeling.


After preparing the necessary equipment, please do not go directly into the sea to try snorkeling, especially if you can't swim. It is recommended that you try the equipment in the swimming pool or shallow water before using it for the first time. If conditions permit, it is best to participate in snorkeling training courses, some tourist places will have small training courses, one or two hours can teach you how to stand in the water, how to respond to the mirror, breathing water problems.


After the above work is done, you can go to the sea to experience snorkeling. Snorkeling must not be done alone and must be accompanied by an instructor. When snorkeling, do not just look at the scenery and ignore the position of the boat, always pay attention to the direction of the boat, try not to be too far away from the boat, after all, there may be only one coach with several tourists, and they can not look over, once an accident occurs, it is not conducive to the first time to find and rescue in time. When snorkeling, it is recommended to swim against the current, and on the return trip, you will follow the current back. This has the advantage of avoiding the danger of swimming far away with the current when you get tired and try to swim back to the boat.


Avoid areas with dark currents. Undercurrents can keep you away from the shoreline at any time, and even pull you to the bottom of the sea! Therefore, snorkeling must fully understand the local environment, see what place is suitable for snorkeling, it is best to choose a slightly more people snorkeling, do not blindly explore. Do not touch jellyfish, coral and other creatures while diving to avoid injury. Do not swim hard or try to stand up in shallow water, where the legs or feet can easily be scratched by coral.


There have been many news reports about tourists drowning in snorkeling. Here, I want to tell you that no matter what the situation is, you must not panic. The more you panic, the easier it is to make mistakes. Master all kinds of basic knowledge, learn to deal with all kinds of problems. Then relax and overcome the fear of being in the water. If you feel dangerous or uncomfortable, please stop for a moment and think carefully about what to do, a nervous will be all over.

Matters needing attention

Do not snorkel if you are unwell.


Take care of the sun protection, sea water will refraction light, very easy to burn