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So how to make money in the library

2018-06-11 09:36:00

When you are bored, do you write some articles to kill time? Then you know what? These articles can bring you income. Here are some steps on how to make money in the library


Computer account


1 Open the library login account click on the personal authentication as long as the authentication is successful to upload the paid document qualification


2 Enter the page here there are 6 options are faculty marketing construction finance academic and apply for certification This can be selected according to your major or you can click apply for certification


3 Click Join Now


4 Here you need to prepare the materials to use, then the things that need to be prepared have electronic photo proof materials, that is, ID cards, and other things can be filled in according to the instructions of its instructions, the information can be submitted if the submitted information is reviewed and approved, it means that the certification is successful. Now you need to wait for 3 days before the system will have the function of uploading documents In these 3 days you can first look at the article you need to upload is not correct can also modify


5 Click on Personal or My library to see the paid button if you want to enter the page need to click on personal can enter Oh


6 Pay per click then click to upload my


7 Select the paid document and click to enter


8 Enter and click to select the document


9 Now you can upload the document and fill in the information and the price of the sale should also be filled in so that others can try to read a few pages remember not too much so that people feel useful and worth downloading is good finally is to submit the information to complete the upload upload success as long as someone download the money to make money now you can go to make money if you think this article Help you please do help support. Thank you

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