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son of a bitch game walkthrough

2018-05-06 01:36:45

Xiaobian brings you the son of a bitch game guide





New items in shopping will be necessary for the hero, his passion is :) Also in the game card several new houses have grown, these are the basic location of the apartments and houses. There are also some character cards and modules, so the technical part is over and can tell you about new events. Amina redheaded fanatic and card together accept the continuation of events. Martha's former classmate is still in business, and her old story has expanded to include a few new ones. Elsa and Lena get the events going. Blondes will make you happy, by the way, and the disk is corrected at the same time. Everything is fine now, vital for the pass.


Aini is a continuation of the events she lives in. Marina and Dasha accept the direct continuation of events, and now the choice of this new thing does not exist, so there is a direct transmission, but in the future there will presumably be a choice at this point. So for now here's the most favorable option for adding heroes :) Sasha Heroes can't favor such a model to give hope that the protagonist has to get something, but it's not just that, it's necessary to fork again. Vika also received a direct continuation of the event, along with a card, module as well as living space, which is pretty much svoyey: d. As always, I briefly described the update, in case I forgot there is a short list below.


Here, as always, is a detailed list: - Masha's mother's event is corrected - Entry time at home becomes Mashas House - In the room with Masha's morning event is corrected - in the suburb new house is added (with the main location) - Now the hero's mother wakes him and the university's morning sister, If the three of them sleep together - new items are added to the shopping - continue with the branch of Na events is increased - her events in the boss are increased - with her events added to a warehouse - added to her activities in the club - added to her in the hero bedroom


This content has been taken from experience without authorization


- The start of the branch has been changed and added - Apartment has been added (with the main location) - With her activities in the hall has been added - with her activities in the park has been added - Her activities have been added during study - With the branch of events with Sasha - with her new conversations in the module has been added - As her activities in the bedroom are added - as her activities in the kitchen are added - as her activities in the hall are added - as her events in the room are added - continue with the branches of Marina and Big Sands events are added - as they are added in the hall events - Events are added with them in the bedroom

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