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South Korea travel essentials

2018-03-13 12:48:53

Traveling to South Korea from our country is very convenient, and it can be a trip on the fly, so what do we need to prepare before traveling to South Korea?


Travel goods


Passports and other documents; Travel abroad must remember to bring passports, ID cards and other documents, it is best to prepare the corresponding copies, in case of emergency.


Cash & Credit cards; To South Korea do not need to carry a lot of cash, with too much cash is not safe, and the customs will not allow too much cash, in the South Korean shopping malls can be completely credit card payment, so with a VISA card is still very necessary, in addition, you can exchange some Korean currency to carry.


Translation; We often watch some Korean dramas or variety shows, and can speak more or less Korean, but it is relatively difficult to communicate with Korean friends, so we can choose to bring a translation collection, tadpole translation, which can help us translate what we want to say in the offline state. In addition, we can buy a temporary Korean card and plug it in to play directly. Can help us save some communication costs, kill two birds with one stone.


Camera; This is needless to say, go out to travel must take pictures take pictures!


Necessities of life; This should be in accordance with personal habits, personal advice is best to carry some toiletries travel clothes, do not take up space, it is also convenient to use; Girls go out to travel naturally to dress up beautiful, necessary some skin care products, cosmetics or to take, but you can also choose to go directly to South Korea to buy, this is a good choice.


Power & Voltage converter; Foreign power supply, voltage may be different, in order to avoid, the camera can not be charged, it is best to bring a power adapter plug and voltage converter.


Medicines; Some children's shoes go to South Korea after coming back, will complain that they can not eat, although it looks like there are a lot of food in South Korea on TV, but we still have to be careful about the problems such as acculturation and so we can not eat at all, so gastrointestinal medicine, cold medicine and what is best prepared in advance.