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South Kunshan self-driving tour guide

2018-02-18 14:24:00

Nankunshan is located in the provinces, cities and counties, and the border of the municipal district. In the hot summer, it is a very good summer resort. Nankunshan is not far from the surrounding areas (90km away) ,,,,, etc. It takes about 90-150 minutes by car.


The following is part of the route to Nankun, you can refer to the following.


1. To South Kunshan (South China Express Line, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway) -- Zhongluotan (Xinguangcong Highway) ———— Guancun -- South Kunshan


2. Go to South Kunshan Guanshen Expressway -- Shituan ———— small building -- Pai Tan -- South Kunshan Guanshen Expressway -- (South China Express Trunk Line, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway) -- Zhongluotan (Xinguangcong Highway) ———— Guancun -- South Kunshan


3. To South Kunshan ---- county -- Tiegang -- South Kunshan take Guanshen Expressway -- (South China Express Trunk Line, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway) -- Zhongluotan (Xinguangcong Highway) ———— Guancun -- South Kunshan


About 3 kilometers near South Kunshan, you will see a South Kunshan archway - Fo 'ao ticket toll station, sorry, trouble each 30 yuan gate fee (South Kunshan ticket: 30 yuan/adult, children (1.2~1.4 meters) half ticket. Guanyintan, Chuanlong Waterfall parking lot small car 10 yuan/car, large car 15 yuan/car (at the small attractions ticket office). After completing the above steps, welcome you have arrived in South Kunshan, the first thing you need to do is to find a wine room. South Kunshan wine is not difficult to find, but flat and beautiful, if you are the first time to come, or a little difficult. By the way, the types of South Kunshan wine, can be roughly divided into two categories, the first type is family wine, accounting for about 80%, the second type is villa-style wine. As for the price of the above two kinds of wine, I think you can guess that the family type is suitable for the well-off family and belongs to the economic type. But the supplies inside the wine are very complete, and you in the city is not much different. Some people say that there are two kinds of scenery in Nankunshan, one is bred by nature, and the other is artificial. The artificial landscape is the villa mentioned above. The villas in Nankun Mountain are beautifully built, and some large villas will make you feel lost. Of course, these villa wine prices are not cheap, generally 5-10 times the price of family-style wine, rich friends can choose. (Don't blame me for the long gas, warm tips dear you: during the festival or the general weekend, remember to pick up your wine and ask if you want to live in the room left) After finding the wine to live down, I think you are driving tired, the car is also sitting dizzy, then rest for an hour, and then go to play Ha.


Wine Guide (recommended) Villa (Peach Blossom source, dream to find it thousands, high-grade) is located in the National Forest Park South Kunshan scenic area, is a star tourism resort wine. Covering an area of 25,000 square meters, it has a Chinese restaurant, coffee shop, tea house, shopping mall, beauty salon, multi-functional conference hall that can accommodate more than 150 people in business, and provides Internet services. It is one of the wines with the most advanced equipment, the most perfect facilities and the most complete service functions in Nankunshan Scenic area. In the villa, walking in the forest path or lying in the quiet room, you can hear the babbling water and bamboo waves. In the villa, the spring is long flowing, green pool like a mirror, surrounded by water, bamboo and green, surrounded by the natural swimming pool rebuilt by the mountain waterfall, like an alien world. (To find the peach blossom, to find it in the dream)


South Kunshan Cross Water Resort (Fly the soul, low-key luxury. Located in Nankunshan National Forest Park, it is the first top ecological resort in China. Come to the cross water, sigh not only, Xiushui, but also make a cup of South Kunshan unique cocoa tea, listen to the water at the foot of the gurgling flow, let the mountain wind carrying the fragrance of bamboo leaves from the ear gently brushed... .. Find peace of mind in communion with all things. South Kunshan Fenyang Ju wine (economical, advantageous geographical location, comfortable and pleasant environment, family wine) is located in the national AAAA level tourist scenic spot of a family wine, about 98 km away, about 82 km away, about 210 km. It is built on the back of the mountain, on the mountain is Nankunshan famous Chuanlong waterfall, the air, the environment is beautiful, while visiting Nankunshan can enjoy the local Hakka hospitality. The restaurant is 6 floors high, with a total of 45 rooms (sets), and meals are available. Baixiang Forest Resort Hotel (High-end business type) Baixiang Forest Resort Hotel is located in Nankunshan National Forest Park, which is known as "the oasis of the Northern Return Line" and "the summer paradise of the Southern country". Wine covers an area of 15,000 square meters, the building is nine floors, built according to the national four-star wine standard, more than 160 deluxe rooms of various types, Chinese and Western restaurants; Multi-functional conference room; Chess and card room; Gym; A nightclub; Leisure facilities such as a large outdoor swimming pool are available. Baixiang Forest Resort Hotel is an ideal place for conferences and business meetings, and is the first choice for family reunion and leisure. South Kunshan scenic area recommended route (authority) : To tourists as a starting point, South Kunshan tour there are four: the south line has Chuanlong waterfall, mountain villa nine double overlook, Divine eagle stone, one line day; On the eastern line, there are Yiyuan Villa, wonders, hundred year old cedar King, three pits waterfall; The west line has Guanyin Lake, snake pine, heaven top; South Kunshan rafting, the north line has the Diaoyu Islands, seven immortal lake. Recommended Lin day leisure tour line: morning Chuanlong Waterfall, Guanyin Lake, Jiuzhong overlook; In the afternoon, Stone River wonders, rafting, shopping in a local specialty street.


South Kunshan travel precautions Autumn South Kunshan travel, it is best to bring a thick coat, the mountain day and night are very cool. Local famous food is white cut beard chicken, fried mountain hole snail, landscape tofu and so on. Nankunshan scenic spot mountain snake more (there are pit vipers), tourists should pay more attention. Note: If you cannot identify whether the wild vegetables, wild fruits and wild mushrooms on the mountain are poisonous, do not pick or eat them!


Local specialties: Nankunshan is one of the most abundant and distinctive tourist attractions. Special introduction: There is a "local specialty street" on Nankunshan, where all kinds of local products are available.


South Kunshan tourism special attractions: the wonder of the Stone River is located in the upper reaches of the diversion channel of the South Kunshan remote sensing field, entering the wonder area of the Stone River, facing the stream, the path extends from the cliff, the stream winds through the ancient forest, the strange stone chaos Lei, the stream huan, the blue water flying flowers. Flat, confluence into a pool. According to legend, seven fairies envy the beauty of South Kunshan and secretly descend to the world. At the height of summer, they each according to a pool in the deep forest stone River, unloading and washing, but also gathered in the big pool chasing water. The Queen Mother saw seven fairies go down without permission for seven days, and sent the gods to catch the fairies paddling in the river back to heaven. At present, the Seven Fairy Pools and Seven Fairy Pools, the scenic spots in the wonder of the Stone River, are the places where the Seven Fairy washed in the water in those years. The two red stones on the edge of the pool, called Luo Skirt stones, are the leftover dresses, and the large stones shaped like vanity mirrors are also the leftover vanity mirrors. In the 2km long wonder of the Stone River, there are also "Green Pavilion", "Overlapping Green Pavilion" and "Stone River Waterfall Pavilion". Chuanlong Waterfall is located in Chuanlong Gorge, 2km southeast of Xiaping Village. On the stone cliff in front of the waterfall, there is a "Waterfall Pavilion" with the inscription 秦咢生 "Chuanlong Gorge". Sichuan Longxia waterfall is divided into five levels, the flow length is less than kilometers. Second, fourth, fifth level, high about Zhangyu. The first level is at the end of the canyon, the most spectacular, the mountain stream from a stone cave shaped like a dragon, straight down more than 10 meters, and then break to the right to fly down 7 meters, and then straight down the deep pool, roaring. After that, the waterfall twists and turns into the gorge only three or four feet, 秦咢生 wrote a poem in praise of: "Draining the mountains and clearing the gorge to drain the Milky Way, the forests and seas Cang reef excited jade waves. With the stream out of the cloud light and shadow, Sichuan dragon Teng Wan still intoning oh. Nine times overlooking the height and looking far is easy to produce poetry against the interest, there is such a poem describes nine times overlooking: "Overlooking, nine times, layers of tens of millions of peaks." Overlooking the bamboo all over the mountain valley, the morning mist veil Jinsong." Look out here, one, two, three, four... Mountains stretch to the horizon, you can imagine, mountains, nature should have how many mysteries? How much charming scenery should there be! The stone bench under the pavilion is a good place to "meet after dusk" with lovers, chat, drink tea, play chess, and watch the sunrise. In addition, there are Heavenly Top (the highest peak), Guanyin Lake (located in), Panlong Ancient pine (in the mountains of Shangping Village), General Buddha worship (Nankunshan and the junction of Buddha Ao top), One line king (Nankunshan Buddha Ao top), Qixian Lake (north foot of Nankunshan) and other rafting sections Chuanlongxia Rafting Chuan Longxia is located on Nankunshan Mountain, because there is a lake at the summit to store water, In the mountains to form a gentle natural river, will not dry up all year round, it has become a good place to drift, along the way down, the stream to see the bottom, cool attack people. Rafting price: 88 yuan/person per hour from Diaoyu Island to Luxian Scenic Spot; From Diaoyu Island to Qixian Lake Scenic Spot for 2 hours 138 yuan/person; Warrior float 198 yuan/person; Leisure float 138 yuan/person. The journey is about 11 km.

Matters needing attention

1, carry a clean set of clothes and a pair of plastic slippers;


2. Cash and valuables are not allowed on board when rafting; The camera is wrapped in a plastic bag beforehand; The first thing to get on the boat is to read the drifting instructions carefully, follow the boatman's arrangement, wear a life jacket, and find a safety rope; Do not move carelessly, should grasp the safety rope, tighten the feet, the body to the center of the hull;


3, in the case of low temperature rafting, you can buy a raincoat at the point of departure;


4, in case of capsizing, you do not need to panic, to calm, because you wear a life jacket; Do not get off the boat to swim, even if swimming should be in accordance with the advice of the boatman: swim in calm water, not far from the hull of the independent action;