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Southeast Asia travel precautions

2018-02-17 09:36:00

Now outbound tourism is more and more popular, and sometimes the price of outbound is even more favorable, so in order to let everyone better understand some common sense and precautions before leaving, the first from our nearest Southeast Asia to start.


Participating in the Southeast Asia tour, we pass through different countries and regions, different customs, religions and customs, can be described as wonderful, in this short time of work, we can feel the spirit and rhythm of Hong Kong's international metropolis; Savor the charm of Thailand's sunny beaches; Experience the civilized beauty of Singapore's clean and harmonious Garden City; Find and understand the magical taste of religious and ethnic integration in Malaysia, I hope that since you are out of the house, you must leave everything behind, swim comfortably, and have fun!


Exit and Entry ☻ Groups at the immigration gates and airports in various countries, led by the leader, or guests scattered exit and entry, the local guide outside the immigration office with a unified pick up card with the name of the leader waiting, please remember the need for a list of entry and exit queue. In all places there are immigration (documents) and customs (baggage) two checkpoints, generally after the immigration can get their own luggage, in and out of a country only passport is not enough, the need for passport, entry and exit card, ticket three big, indispensable. If lost, can not complete the subsequent journey, responsibility. So please remember that the "three big items" are more important than money, be sure to properly protect, when leaving China, valuable electrical appliances need to be declared; There are fewer restrictions on the carrying of currency and electrical appliances in foreign customs, and the carrying amount of similar goods cannot exceed personal use, otherwise it will be regarded as smuggling. No contraband. ☻ Use of entry and exit card: Each entry card has a link, the immigration bureau takes away a link when entering the country, the group members must keep the link, return to the immigration bureau when leaving the country. Before this, the group members please check the translation of the English content, under the guidance of the leader to fill in the form, please do not forget to fill in your address, as well as Thailand visa, immigration card can be obtained from the plane or ship service lady. ☻ When leaving the country, the tour guide will help us do the boarding formalities, please be sure to ask the tour guide or tour leader: must be in the number of departure room, the number of boarding gate, so as not to get lost in the airport because of foreign language, the remaining foreign currency in the hand can buy some souvenirs in the airport duty-free business, the tour guide for exchange rate fluctuations, generally will not change back to the tourists in the hands of foreign currency.


Adjustment of mentality: After leaving the country, you will find the change of the environment to a large extent, there are any things you do not understand to discuss with the tour guide and the leader, do not blindly apply the experience to travel abroad, we must adapt to the local customs and laws and regulations. Many Chinese tourists lack the experience of going abroad and the lack of understanding of the etiquette and civilization of their neighbors. If they bring some bad habits abroad, they will naturally attract attention. But as long as we speak more polite, will get the respect of any nation, especially reminded to temporarily overcome in the travel, do not make a loud noise in public places, restaurants, travel car can not smoke, do not be greedy for small cheap in the wine on the plane, do not wear pajamas in the wine, the waiter should tip, boarding, shopping queuing, behavior should be decent and so on. ☻ Southeast Asian people beyond the degree of civilization, political ideas are weak, economic consciousness is strong, Chinese tourists do not have too strong ideology, it is not appropriate to talk about politics and religion, communicate with the local people to respect each other's customs, do not comment too much. We should not point our finger abroad because we are in a high position, we are just an ordinary tourist, we are equal outside, we should not bring our political awareness and national self-esteem (inferiority) awareness to foreign countries, the international community only has contempt for ignorance and uncivilization, and the real sense of national discrimination does not exist in Southeast Asia. Chinese tourists don't have to take their grievances to the political level. ☻ The journey will inevitably encounter a lot of upset things, we must first of all open the mind, if the calculation can only lead to their more unhappy. The group members, the tour guides, the tour leaders, and the locals all encounter conflicts, big and small; All aspects may be unsatisfactory, but we go out to travel, is to find a happy mood, promote "mutual tolerance" mentality will make your journey full of sunshine. ☻ All actions in the trip should follow the direction of the tour leader and tour guide, so as to avoid accidents outside and delay the trip of all members. If the guest does not have the permission of the tour leader and the tour guide, all the responsibility shall be borne by the guest. The personal accident injury and property loss have nothing to do with the travel agency, and the travel insurance will not be accepted.


Life notice: Southeast Asia is hot all the year round, but in public places and too cold enough, so hot and cold clothes and cold medicine to carry readily, especially to prevent eating raw and cold seafood bad belly, eat seafood do not drink ice water at the same time. There is free mineral water in the wine, other charges are all, including pay TV and everything in the refrigerator, no dental gear, towels, slippers and other personal items in the room, you must bring your own. Electrical appliances must be equipped with universal plugs, rooms, tour buses, planes, public facilities on the scenic spots must be compensated for damage.


Transfer: If the group has a transfer in a country's city, there will be a team leader and the airline lady in the airport to lead the transfer counter formalities, guests do not go out of immigration, in particular to remind you that Thailand and China there is a time difference of one hour, the plane takes off according to the local time, so please pay attention to the conversion time, transfer time do not worry.


Visa on Arrival: ☻ If you want to apply for Thailand visa on arrival, please fill in the application form on the plane, prepare a recent photo, and hand it over to the tour leader for unified application after getting off the plane. It will take some time to wait at the visa on arrival counter at the Thai immigration office. To do Malaysia visa on arrival, the travel agent will do the relevant procedures in advance, and only need to queue up and check the passport in order when entering Malaysia. Visa on arrival is determined by the relevant requirements of the consulate and the departure time of the guest, which is a regular business of the travel agency.


Luggage: Special remind the group members to pay attention to hand luggage and valuables need to carry, different social security situation, we should take good care of their own things, especially remind to pay attention to the tour bus is not safe, car theft from time to time. In the tourism regulations, large luggage and guests' carry-on luggage (including cash valuables) are two concepts. If carry-on luggage, cash and valuables are lost, travel agencies are not responsible, but can assist in reporting and searching. ☻ If members fall ill overseas or have personal accident injury, should be promptly treated nearby, the group members pay for their own medicine at the same time, pay attention to the preservation of medical documents, signed by the tour leader, tour guide, reception agency manager and translated into Chinese, take back the group insurance unit claim insurance, if stolen, do not spend time to suspect others, directly let the tour guide alarm, Ask for the police alarm certificate and entrust the guide to notarize in Chinese in the local, and take back the insurance unit to claim insurance. ☻ At present, flammable materials such as lighter matches are prohibited on all flights; It is not allowed to carry liquid or gelatinous articles with you, and must be checked in; In addition, duty-free goods purchased at the airport have been sealed at the time of purchase. Please do not open them at will before entering the security check.


Room: ☻ Group travel is a collective activity, group guests because of package price concessions, so the practice in principle to arrange same-sex two people a room, husband and wife members can not affect the total number of rooms as far as possible to arrange the same room. If there is a single male and female, the travel agency has the right to deploy, if the guest insists, the guest must pay for the additional room.


Tour guide: Overseas tour guides according to the fixed standard reception, in explaining scenic spots generally take the principle of "concentrated explanation, scattered activities", most of the national tour guides are loyal to their duties, but because of the different national quality, the cultural quality of the tour guide is uneven, the content of the explanation is easy to be different from our imagination, which is easy to understand. Therefore, if some of the tour guides are unsatisfactory or poor, please forgive them and call the local manager or the tour agency immediately to report the situation.


Shopping: Southeast Asia tourism commodities have their own characteristics, Hong Kong's diamond processing industry is famous in the world; Thailand is rich in red sapphire, bird's nest, leather, snake medicine; They also sell luxury appliances, watches, and clothing at low prices due to various tax exemptions. Therefore, from our years of experience, the guests going abroad are basically "going abroad knows how much money to bring." Therefore, it is recommended that the group members who go abroad should carry enough money on them, so that they do not use the decision to decide on their own, and would rather have the surplus to bring home, not to regret that they have too little money when they see the wonderful things abroad, but to master the consumption scale and consider the rest of the trip. It is necessary to remind guests that buying things abroad should also be more compared, but to hold a principle, as long as the variety is unique and the price is moderate, you can not blindly compare between different countries or different businesses abroad, you can never buy the cheapest thing, as long as you are satisfied, to meet the needs, credit cards can be used in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore.


Entertainment: In addition to the fixed itinerary, many countries also prepare a variety of optional projects for guests, these projects are not included in the itinerary, mainly because the tourists are different in age, gender, policy differences lead to different interests, some projects (such as sports projects, local characteristics and stimulating projects) is not necessarily suitable for all group members. However, in some countries, some healthy and healthy optional projects are very wonderful, according to our years of experience, the average guest to participate in the optional project costs about 1500 yuan, I hope our group members can have fun, really enjoy the Southeast Asian style of tourism fun.


Tip: ☻ At present, outsiders have different understanding of the essentials of "tip", people understand that "tip" is a "reward" for good service, excellent service should give a tip, service in general or even bad will not give a tip, this in foreign countries can not, the real tipping country that "tip" is "service reward", as long as the service should get a tip, Because some occupations in these countries are unpaid or have a small base salary, tips are their wages, restaurant waiters, wine clerks, delivery boys, tour bus drivers, tour guides and so on. This concept is difficult for the Chinese people to accept for the time being, but do as the Romans do, in order to avoid contradictions we should adapt to the Southeast Asian concept of tipping. Therefore, we stipulate that Chinese tourists should pay 20-30 yuan per person per day as the standard tip, which is uniformly collected and paid by the tour leader. If you think the service is excellent, you can pay more tips to express your gratitude.

Matters needing attention

After reading the above travel instructions, I believe that you have accepted the advice of travel professionals, and you will embark on a trip to Southeast Asia with a relaxed and happy mood!