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Spring clothing the latest fashion styles, knitwear matching tips

2018-04-03 14:24:48

A year's plan is in the spring, regardless of how the fashion changes, knitwear is still the love of women in the early spring season. How to match spring clothes to be more eye-catching? With a few tips and the most fashionable knitwear styles, you can create a more unique style attitude!


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Let you light up the plush polka dot knitted cardigan, the body and sleeve parts are double-layer knitting, MM do not have to worry about wearing air leakage. The plush inside, feel very comfortable and smooth, very love it. Retro small lantern sleeve, plush polka dots, very playful and cute, short version better modify the figure, create a good proportion of the figure.


Every girl should have a bat knit sweater, full of exotic patterns, bright colors and a very layered sense. The short version, the bat sleeve design, visually slimming and elongating the body proportion effect. Thick Bohemian geometric jacquard elements, with copper pins, the effect is very outstanding.


Very popular celebrity style striped knit coat, the use of multi-color alternating knitting, to create a vintage striped effect. High-quality fabric, soft and delicate, does not stick to the skin, and is comfortable to wear. Simple round neck and single breasted, retro pattern, so that the whole is also very textured, but also very suitable for commuting OL wear.


Super versatile knitted striped pullover sweater, loose version, does not limit the body to wear, and a little casual and lazy cool sense. The gold edge bag buckle decoration on the left shoulder enhances the overall texture just right. Using just the right color and wide and narrow stripes, to create a Korean version of the casual taste, with the skirt is very delicious oh.

Matters needing attention

Spring temperature will be low, pay attention to keep warm.