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Spring rhinitis patients should pay attention to the problem

2018-04-21 08:00:53

Rhinitis is a difficult disease to cure, often in the seasons, pollen inhalation, dust invasion recurrence or aggravation. Spring is coming, and it is the best time for outing travel, what are the problems that patients with rhinitis should pay attention to in spring? I hope the following suggestions can help you.


Rhinitis is mostly caused by cold and cold, to strengthen physical exercise, enhance resistance, such as morning running, swimming, cold bath, cold water face, etc., can enhance the physique, improve the body's tolerance to cold.


Avoid excessive fatigue, lack of sleep, cold, smoking, drinking rhinitis daily health care, etc., because these factors can reduce the body's resistance, resulting in poor nasal mucosal regulatory function, and viruses take advantage of the opportunity to cause disease.


In spring and autumn or winter or during the cold epidemic, go out to wear masks, avoid public gatherings, go to public places as little as possible, do a good job of isolation of patients, and use white vinegar fumigation for air disinfection in polluted indoor areas.


Chinese herbal medicine can be used for prevention, such as taking ginger and brown sugar water as soon as possible after catching cold to eliminate "cold evil"; During the cold epidemic, Chinese herbs such as Nepeta, parsnip, and isatis root can be taken.


From 5 to 10 in the morning, pollen diffusion peak time, it is best not to stay outdoors for a long time.


Timely change, clean sheets, quilt cover, to prevent mites and their secretions induced allergic rhinitis.


Keep the indoor air moist or use an air filter to keep your nose dry.


Perfume, cosmetics, etc. can stimulate the nasal mucosa and lead to sinusitis, so try to avoid contact.

Matters needing attention

Spring rhinitis patients should pay attention to the main problem is the above eight points, patients usually can also use hand massage on both sides of the nose, help to promote blood circulation, and wash the nose with saline can effectively clean the nasal cavity, can adjust the nasal humidity and promote the blood circulation of the nose.