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Starbucks hidden menu guide

2018-03-19 08:00:46

In addition to the many drinks already on the Starbucks menu, there are actually many hidden drinks that are beautiful and tasty, so why not try them in the hot summer?


Matcha Coffee cocoa chip Frappuccino: Coffee and matcha are surprisingly well matched, the tea aroma is diluted with the light coffee aroma, and the crushed ice will combine the two wonderful boundaries, and the taste is excellent.


Cherry Blossom Frappuccino: This drink is very girly heart, the pink appearance is amazing, vanilla syrup with raspberry syrup sweet, of course, can also be half tang, in general, like vanilla and raspberry flavor can try.


First love: Compared with the pink cherry blossom color, this drink has a clear color, a high level of appearance, and can be photographed in dim lighting. The effect is great. The taste is sour, and the lemon taste is very heavy, which is a very feeling.


Love: similar to the first love of distinct sense of hierarchy, mango flavor is very strong, sweet and sour balance is very good, taste is not special, if you like mango students can try.


Zebra Frappuccino: Compared with the previous few models, Zebra Frappuccino is relatively simple, taste is more than appearance level. The caramel is not very sweet, highlighting the coffee aroma of the mocha sauce, which is excellent.


Oreo Frappuccino: Black and white appearance, the perfect combination of chocolate and crushed ice, sweet but not greasy, cream is also very fragrant, is a high calorie drink, absolutely amazing.


Pseudo-stone American coffee: cream slowly into the coffee, light cream neutralizes the bitterness of coffee, without the heavy bitterness of coffee, the appearance level is also very high, students can try.


Snow-topped Red Plum Bubble Ice: Raspberry syrup and whipped cream combine to make the whole drink more vibrant and summery, perfect for those who like to drink sparkling water.


Shrek Frappuccino: Espresso coffee with double cream and chocolate syrup, the taste is excellent, of course, the appearance level is also cracked, the tone is green, so it is compared to Shrek image.